29 A deep talk

Julian was stuck in his pocket dimension, playing many matches against the AI, training for the game up ahead against the England giants...Liverpool. He and many others, such as his teammates did not want to lose this game especially because of the deep history of the fierce rivalry between the two biggest clubs in England...and because the two teams necessarily did not get along with each other.

Omega looked concerningly at Julian who was sitting down on the massive green pitch after the game had ended.

[Julian, why are you trying so hard?]

"Omega, I know that I had just scored a hattrick in the Real Madrid game but I shouldn't slow down on training otherwise I'll get too self-centred and my skills will get worse. Plus these virtual games help me tremendously and serve as an example of real-life games." Julian responded to Omega while wiping the waves of sweat present on his neck and drinking oceans of water in order to hydrate himself after all the games he had just played.

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[You shouldn't try too hard though...yes you do have a superhuman-like body and intelligence but if used too much it can cause severe harm. Plus, although football was what you were reincarnated for, you should also focus on other main points which you should change in this present life; your relationships with your parents, for example. Although it has got better, it is still not as close as a normal family and yes, I can see you trying but trying is not good enough. By only initiating a few conversations with them won't get you very far but by performing activities together such as going to the movies or even something simple such as helping them make dinner will help get you closer.]

Julian stayed silent while listening to Omega's mini speech/teaching and thought to himself on how much he actually needed Omega.

If it wasn't for him, he wouldn't even be here, he wouldn't have been able to meet his parents again, he wouldn't have to got to see his lover once more, he wouldn't have got to fulfil his lifelong dream; something which had played on his mind his whole past life.

Maybe all this time, he undermined Omega's existence to him. Maybe, all this time, he only viewed as an object which could help him instead of a partner...a friend.

"Thanks Omega, once again you have taught me something...I'm exceptionally grateful to you..." Julian responded to Omega, nearly on the verge of tears.

[Woah, woah, why are you crying all of a sudden, get a grip on yourself] Omega asked worryingly.

At this moment, Julian felt like he didn't deserve Omega; felt like he didnt deserve this second chance.

"I'm sorry...it's just...I've come to find out...that I don't...deserve you. All this time...I used you...used you like an object...not like a friend...not like a partner...something only for my benefit" Julian cried out to Omega, releasing all of the problems he held deep inside.


[Julian, you're not the only one.]

"What do you mean by that?" Julian asked, suprised , while those blue droplets still seemed to fall down his face.

[Just like you, I never saw you as a friend...or a partner...I only saw you as something I could use to appease my curiosity of the world, something to relieve myself of the boredom. However, as years passed, I came to see how great of a person you were, through your past life's memories but also through the actions you committed within this present life; the young boy who lost his mother and father at an early age who strived to build a world renowned business in their names, saving countless lives and people; the young boy who determinedly strived to become the world's greatest football through his own skills and not my own. Julian, you see, I need you as much as you need me]

At this point, Julian was bringing showers of rain down as the endless amount of blue droplets never seemed to have stopped and slowed down.

Who could blame him?

All of his problems and mischiefs he harbored within himself because of his past life had just came out; it was as if Omega had just opened Pandora's box, releasing Julian of the struggle he externally did not show.

[There, there, you can stop crying]

10 minutes later.

Only after a while, Julian's crying had stopped, leaving a stressed Omega who had to console him; it was almost as if Julian was a baby and Omega was the father.

[Finally, after all that] Omega returned to his usual annoying self.

Julian just smiled to himself, however then thinking to himself and relaying Omega's words.

"Omega, you said you were bored before reincarnating me, why?" Julian asked unknowingly to the now stunned Omega.

[I-I-I don't remember saying that. Where-where did you get that from?]

"Okay...then..." Julian responded, despite fully knowing that something was wrong with Omega; something which the former wouldn't tell.

He tried not to think much of it as he exited back into the real world, hoping to improve his relationship with his parents.

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