26 "We are Family"

"Well if isn't the hero of the hour" a manly voice could be heard as Julian entered through a white towering door.

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"You praise me too highly, Mr Beckham" Julian answered to the man standing in front of him, topless who was weirdly swinging his t-shirt around and singing Manchester United songs.

Black lines appeared on David Beckham's forehead.

"Oy, kid, you don't have to be so formal towards me; I ain't that much older than you...you're making me feel old" David Beckham muttered sulkily to the shocked Julian in front of him who had just discovered a different side of his idol.

"Ha, you kids can't even complain about being old, look at me, this old man is turning the age of 34 this year" a tall Danish man, by the name of Peter Schmeichel, joined the conversation as he patted Julian on the back, congratulating him for the remarkable performance he showed on the pitch.

"Thank you very much, Sir Schmeichel" Julian stuttered while fidgeting profusely.

I mean, who wouldn't?

It's not everyday you see the idols you have respected your whole life, standing in front of you, praising you and patting you on the back.

Schmeichel started to laugh at Julian's weird antics, earning Julian another heavy slap on the back.

"Kid, you don't have to be so formal with us-yes, we're a team, but we're also like a family."Schmeichel then walked over to a startled Giggs, ruffling his hair in the process "see what I mean?"

Expressions of joy and happiness blossomed within Julian as he had found a new home; somewhere which was not often in his past life due to his introverted personality.

However, one particular person wasn't happy and that person was right now watching the scene from afar with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"You won't take my spot; you don't belong here" the figure muttered to himself before disappearing away into the shadows.

"Get off me, old man!" the small man enveloped in Schmeichel's arms screamed, kicking and punching like a little baby would do against its dad.

"Awwww, isn't Giggsy so cute!"

Julian nearly barfed at that comment; he didn't know how hairy men were "cute".

6 hours later.

While on the plane back to England, Julian thought of many things to himself, like how was his parents doing, how annoying the media were but most importantly why Jennifer was there. In his past life, Jennifer had never told him about working at such a place and at such a young age unless she didn't want to...but why? Was she trying to hide something? Did something bad happen to her there?

Julian tried to think not much of it and tried to sleep-he, who had unhuman stamina, was extremely worn after all the parties and celebrating which came after the game; who knew that all the Manchester United players drank pretty hard. However, while doing all this celebrating on his debut and the win, Julian constantly felt an icy glare on his back filled with anger and hate; something he couldn't understand why as he had only recently got to know the players; it didn't make sense why someone detested him that strongly.

He tried to dismiss this and look at the positive side of things: his new family, his hattrick and most importatly his debut. Only these thoughts filled his mind as he closed his eyes relieving himself of the exhaustion.

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