1 Chapter One: Ning And Qiao Is One

Chapter One: Ning And Qiao Is One


She could feel the burning pain of the arrow as it had penetrated her flesh. The aching, slow burn of the wood against her beating heart.

It was a pain that she could never forget. Ning Xifeng's delicately shaped brows furrowed in confusion— How come the pain disappeared all of a sudden?

Ahhh.. Has she finally died? They said death takes all the pain away, leaving only happiness and Tranquility.

Ning Xifeng could feel the cold wind against her skin, making her stir. The bed she was lying on was soft, Much softer than anything she's felt before. Though, it felt good and comfortable. She opens her eyes, Only to see a mirror in the white ceiling

She jerked upwards all of a sudden, Ignoring the sudden dizzy spell that overcame her,


"What the f*ck?!" She curses.

Upon seeing the reflection of the mirror, She didn't know wether she should laugh or cry. The woman she saw had hair that was as dark as the night and porcelain skin like a doll. Her facial features were all carved to perfection, her expressive cat-like eyes were clear as the day that could leave anyone awe-struck and completely beguiled. Not even a single pore was visible on her skin; it was clearer and as white as the outer shell of the egg. Ning Xifeng noted that the woman looked like a pampered child of a wealthy family, white and just the right flush of red.

It was also surprising that the girl looked so much like her— Only that, right now, it was a younger version of herself. The girl, she assumes would be no less than 16 years old. She still gave off an innocent, and gentle allure. The kind that would make you wanna wrap her up in your arms, and protect her from all evil.

The old her was different. Given the fact that she was much older, Her appeal was a far cry than this litte girl's. Ning Xifeng was the personification of bewitching; Her being, And every little thing she does could invoke admiration and tender affection. Her eyes could speak volumes, which her expression refuse to reveal. In fact, famous poets, besides praising her outer appearance to highest levels lamented before, how her peerless beauty held depth. Her air of melancholy could drown you, and while drowning; instead of saving yourself, you would try the hardest to save her who was safe in sound in the shore. She barely smiled, thus, upon smiling, it was akin to flowers blooming and freshness would envelope you.

Ning Xifeng invented the word "Beauty that could topple Nations". For indeed, she almost caused the Downfall of Gui and Lei's Great Dynasty.

Ning Xifeng was confused for a short while, before expiriencing a blinding headache. It made her whimper. Then, Memories that weren't hers came flooding in. It took a while, before the headache cleared out, and she was left to sort out these memories to herself.

Ning Xifeng found out that she was in an Era which was called the Modern Times. Now this time was much different than her timeline, and more than a thousand years had passed since she had lived. Naturally with the memories she has now found out that there was so many things that had changed— Almost everything has been modernized.

While the information of this new world had shocked her to the core, The idea of crossing through time and space then waking up in this new body had made her feel even more shocked. She hurried to find a mirror, and poked her cheek to check if she was really real.

"Qiao Xifeng." Ning Xifeng repeats her predecessor's name, pinching her cheeks. She was still merely a teen, so she was bound to look a little healthy. The chubby cheek had reddened almost immediately, making her look flushed.

Qiao Xifeng is the Apple of the Eyes of her Mama and Papa Qiao. The eldest, second, third and even fourth children were all boys. It was quite obvious they were aiming to have a babygirl, and would even let the number of children climb to eight if hadn't been for Qiao Xifeng; the only and dearest daughter of the family being born.

Since being born, Qiao Xifeng had the best of everything. Food, Clothes, Accessories, Toys and Nannies. Everything money could afford, little Qiao Xifeng had it. Everyone in the family induldged her and spoiled her to no ends, Gifting her everything she wants. It was no doubt that she had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Now, Why has Ning Xifeng taken over her body? She furrows her brows in question.

[... Transfer Completed. Host bounded to the System.] A mechanical voice sounded out inside her head. Ning Xifeng looked around, her cat like hazel eyes giving off a faint glow.

A little fur ball had to curl in fear, it's little body shaking ever so slightly. Wuwuwu, his new host had a piercing glare! Wuwuwuwuw host is so Scary!

"Come out." Ning Xifeng had a gut feeling that whoever that voice was, it was the reason for her sudden transmigration; As kids would call it these days.

[Reporting to Host, This is Bao Bei— The most adorable and skilled baby Host!] It said, almost wagging it's tail.

Ning Xifeng tilts her head, Reaching out a delicate finger to touch the fur ball's little head. "What are you?.." Her gentle voice was firm. In both hers, and the Predecessor's memories she hasn't seen any kind of this animal. That's saying alot, since in both lives, Xifeng has seen every beautiful trinket and exotic animals from all over the world.

[Host, I'm one of the Millions of Systems from the Galaxy. We are created as part of the intel, either as the destroyer of the assigned worlds or the helpers to fix it.] Bao Bei explains patiently. Then it couldn't resist rubbing it's head on Xifeng's soft and jade like hands. [We are also assigned to assist people who have been wronged in their past life— to help them lead a happy, and full life as an Apology. We also have our own uses and talents that could help the Host. There will also be missions that hosts need to accomplish in order to gain Points. These points could be converted into priceless objects and mythical creatures. If the Host's performance is Impressive, The host is then allowed to travel alongside the System as an instrument to complete all the missions in different worlds forever.]

Ning Xifeng felt an incoming headache from all thse information. She was pretty smart, But just a moment ago— She was dying in her lover's arms and now, she was being shoved into a situation that would go on forever. Literally.

"Where Is Qiao Xifeng then?" Ning Xifeng asks.

[Host, This may be a hard to process— But you are, both Ning And Qiao Xifeng. Both by spirit and flesh.]

Ning Xifeng had to blink. "You've got to be kidding me."

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