The Flower of Separation
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The Flower of Separation


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What is The Flower of Separation

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On one side of the story we have the good empress, and on the other side we have the evil general. Two girls born with a similar power, and yet there is differences. One is the power that will bring peace and hope, the other will bring about destruction. Two girls born with similar abilities and yet each take a different path. "I will become the Empress." "I will never be the Empress." The death of the First Empress destroyed the once peaceful and beautiful lands of the Empire. Twenty five years after her mysterious death, the people of Empire the people welcome a new Empress. But with the forces of the former empress fraction still active and the dark shadows of the empire. How long until this Empress falls? Or will she be the one to change the state of the Empire? There is a rumoured general who does not submit to anybody. "In order to obtain my loyalty, you must win this game. The moment you show weakness, I will kill you with my own hands." "Now shall we play this game Empress?"

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Here is my honest review: Normally I don't write reviews after only two chapters, but I make exceptions sometimes. Only when I know that a novel is definitely going to be a hit. Flower of Separation is the first novel I read from the female section and probably the first novel I'm going to read till the end (from the female section). Translation Quality: The grammar is almost excellent. You can find little slips here and there but I guarantee that this won't bother your reading experience. This is the type of novel where you won't get lost in the details too much and you can concentrate on the story instead. Stability of Updates: We don't know the update speed currently. I'm guessing that it's around 1 chapter every 2-3 days. This may feel a bit slow according to WN standards, but we get long chapters so you will be satisfied in the end. Story Development: One of the strong points of this novel besides the character designs. The story flows so smoothly that you can understand even the complex situations easily. It's one of the key characteristics of an enjoyable story and flower of separation definitely has it. The reader can truly understand how the characters are related based on their actions alone and this makes the whole novel a fun read. Character Design: It's full of personalities. The personalities are not described but instead shown through the actions of the individual. This is something that a lot of novels forget to do but this one does it really well. Each character has an interesting personality so far, none of them are boring(You may think that there are only 2 chapters and I speak nonsense. I can only say that you should give it a try first before you accuse me of this). World Background: It's about a strong empire. The political situation is very well mapped. You won't get confused. There are stronger and weaker noble families and you can imagine the situation easily. The current situation is properly explained in the very first chapter. Magic exists in this world and it's really interesting. R/N: I personally know the real-life background of this story and that makes it even more enjoyable for me. I know the characters and I know the relationship between them. All I can say is that the author properly mirrored everything and it will be a fun read. I recommend it to everyone who likes reading fantasy. -Swin-


The thing with XOMatsumaeohana is, she is very good at writing character emotions. I am more focused on the characters feelings than the writing style. It is not easy to have this skill to captivate readers on emotion alone. While her writing has improved a lot, I like how she continues to challenge herself. Dual female lead is not easy to write, but she has done a great job so far. Each character feels real, and I am able to grasp the flow/concept of the story. I hope this book reaches further heights from nos.


Full stars. Author XOMatsumaeohana has outdone herself this time. This is the best opening chapter, it includes all the details we readers need to know to get a feel of the story. But there is no info dump and there are still many things not revealed yet. The first FL introduced, Lilian is different than her other FL's. Cruel and a bit sadistic from the very start. Looking forward to see how she turned out this way.


How many more times will I fall in love with the authors books? I've read her books before she even started on webnovel, and she has improved a lot. Lilian is so cool 😍 this seems to be a dual female lead story, but I'm going to route for the villain.


8 books later and author XOmatsumaeohana's books remain my favourite ones on this app. She has the ability to draw you in to her chapters/especially her characters.


Diving into the review, TFOS is perfection that simply CANNOT be put into words. I personally think it's these kinds of books that are the best. Ones that are comprehensible and easy to read whilst having a plot that continue to intrigue you. It takes your mind off of your worries and stress, and I may have read less than 10 chapters, and that there are a few grammar slip ups here and there, but regardless, I implore you to read this novel. To whoever's reading this, prepare to be amazed by the talented author, XOMatsumaeohana, and I know you won't be disappointed, and yes, that is a GUARANTEE. xoxo, EmmelineRouge 😘


Perfection that I cannot summarize in 140 words. I hope to see the author post more updates for this soon, I can tell this will be a huge hit.


Reveal spoiler


I think I am finally starting to see why author XOMatsumaeohana is so popular. I have read all her books but other than Eternal melody/Princess Lyn. I have not enjoyed the other books as much. But this book is different. I like how she has challenged herself with dual FL, and balanced out the scenes. Each character is introduced properly, and the story flow is good.


Finally got a chance to read this and I have no regrets. What is this hidden gem doing so hidden in the rankings? If you haven't read this yet you must! You won't regret it.


16 chapters went by so quickly. This is torture author, this book is amazing you must update more. How can you update so slowly? That's not like you.


The first book where I like the villain. She reminds me of the villains from Korean webtoons. The author seems to be more comfortable writing books like this.


This is the first novel I have ever read where I have fallen in love with ALL the characters. The author is doing such a amazing job with this book.


That was an amazing read! Neat. I like how it's moving forward. Coool! Looking forward for more updates. Excited for new chapters! [img=coins][img=update][img=recommend]


Perfect new book from the author, completely different from her other books. It starts of with the necessary background information. There is no confusion and I got a grasp of the Empire background.


This new book is different from the author's usual style. There is no romance at the start, and first two chapters focuses on the background's of the Empire/two female leads.


Seldom do reviews but this author's books are worth the attention. A not so typical fantasy romance dual female lead. An empress and a evil general? (a villainess?)


So talented. Every single time you make me fall in love with you're books. The world building, characters and writing style are perfect from just the first chapter.


Another book by the legend. I wonder how many more legendary stories she will create? Fantasy romance genre suits the author, so I hope she can write this with ease.




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