1 Leaving America to Korea,Seoul


*phone rang*Somebody called you and you pick up the phone,"Lili you better wake up!I have booked the flight ticket and you're coming home today".

*quickly gets up* "WHY!?You know that I'm used to live in here already.I've been living here for 2 years and you ask me to go back to Korea!I dont want.Staying in America is nice".Mom replies,"I know that sweetie,but your father and also myself really want you to come back and stay with us.Yes its been 2 years you've live there but we really want you to come back and spend time with us".Its it ok Lili? You replied,"Fine since you've booked the ticket already".

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*What actually goes on your mind was NOT OKAY*


"Lili I'm going to end the call now,make sure to pack up all your stuff.Your flight will be at 8pm.Bye".

*phone call ended*

After the phone call ended,you started to cry.You were thinking all the words that your mom had said.Over and over again.You felt really sad that your going to leave America but you knew that you have no other choices.You keep reminds yourself that families are more important so you have to go back to Korea and spend time with them.

*wiped your tears away and starts to pack your stuff*


"Finally I've done packing up my stuff.*checks on the time*OMG!Times really pass so fast and I'm going to leave here another 3 more hours.At that time,what was all going in your mind was,you wouldn't believe that you're going to leave America after staying for 2 years and started to feel unwilling.When you were about to call your bestfriend,Jennie,she called you first.

You:"Hey Jennie"

Jennie:"Hey Lili.Your mother asked me to fetch you to

airport today night.Are you really going to leave America?"

You:Ummm...I dont want to but I need to take care of my parents and spends time with them.Its been so long I haven't see them as I am always busy with my works.

Jennie:"Ya.You are always busy with your work.Its good that you go back to your parents so that you won't always gets stress and tired.AHAHHAHA".

*both of you laugh happily*

Jennie:"Ok I got to go now.I'll be fetching you at 7.See ya.

You:"Ok see ya".

*ends the phone call*


*your phone rings*you picked up and it was Jennie.

Jennie:"Lili I've reach.Come down if you're done".

You:"Ok just give me a minute.I wan to make sure I brought everything".


*phone calls end*

*checking to make sure that you've brought your passport,cards and everything*"Ok done".*opening the room door,turn around to see the room one last time*Goodbye room.Im gonna miss you.You were about to cry but you hold back your tears,close the door and quickly goes down.

To be continued....

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