1 Chapter 1 - Adventure

Deep in the heart of Lunatracia Kingdom, its capital city shone proudly amid the night sky. This magnificent city, steadfast in its unwavering worship of the Moon Goddess, never slept. Especially the Job Seekers. A group of people made up of countless different races. Elves, Half-Fairies, Beastman and mostly human. This was, of course, due to the magnificent Adventurers Guild Hall that stood proudly amidst the capitals mighty buildings, perhaps outshining them all with its three stories glorious architecture.

Inside the adventure building, The adventure who already finished their job started to make their report in the main hall. It just, there is accident that make some adventure become agitated as he rush to receptionist desk and complained.

"What a turndown! Even though these days should be the season where most of the rare herb should be harvested but there is abyss serpent roam in that place. Oi... Miss receptionis! is guild didnt dispatch any team?"

Complained Bernand, A C-rank adventure who usually pick up rare herb in certain season. It was usually an extra job to add extra earning while he hunt monster with normal difficulity but there is report said that a catastrope denger level monster appear near that place.

"Ahh... About that, an adventure already took the quest"

Lara, one of the adventure guild' receptions answered with laidback manner that make Bernand stunned.

"Just one person? Are you kidding me! Who dare to face that A-rank monster alone. The guild should have dispatch resque team."

Lara just rolled her eyes, she was too lazy and tired , there is still four hour until her shift is over. But she still spare him an answer.

"The one taking the quest is S-rank adventure 'Sid the all-rounder'."

"Ahh that person come to work again."

the agitated Bernand finally calm down, his teammate comeback after writing a report, he listened to them then can't help to ask a question

"Did you know him Sir Bernand? Why did i don't know this S-rank adventure." Said his little teammate with sparkling eyes, a rookie adventure.

"Its expected that you don't know him. Its been a year since he didnt appear. Its said that he is Noble or started to work in bussines but even I rarely saw him anymore."

There is a gush of wind, the said person suddenly appear with the sound of gasp of other adventure.

"If you are so interested, you can visit Lunar mall. Just for your info, we started to open store for adventure clothing and armor. Its pretty cheap and since we just do opening there would be huge discount!"

A deep voice come out from black haired and black leather clothed person who said those line with grandeour like salesman, that didnt fit his apperance as assassin.

He had a nice facial feature, but it is just his face is covered with black cloth and only old adventure remember his real face.

"Hufh my heart...Mr.Sid can you appear normally?"

The droppy eyes from Lara dissapear replaced with shock.

"Well... What can i do about it, i just want to see the beauty of Miss Lara." Said Sid playfully .

"Moo... Your sweet tounge never change. So did you finish the quest Mr.Sid?"

Lara didn't like beat around the bush. That black clothes assassin wave his spatial ring an took out a serpent head. Then give the Lara few document.

"Here is the report. I will just hand over the snake head as proof of mission and I am planning to keep the rest."

Lara brow furrowed, but Sid just ignored it. Abyss serpent have many useful part and it would be better if guild could provited from it.

"That pretty good amount skin you have there. Do you sell them at your store?"

"Yes, i do. I sell them as ready set cloth. Then, i will take my leave. Don't forget to spare your time to visit Lunar mall. Just say you're my friends and you can get discount"

Then he walk to the guild store. Leaving other adventure in daze.

"Assassin? Sir. Bernand is that all-rounder Sid? Why an assassin?"

"He is kinda eccentric, but his personality is good. He used to be warrior and join a team for month but then suddenly he change his job class that make his team baffeled. After that he decided to be solo. Unexpectly he keep changing his job-class almost every month a magician, spearman, Priest, Crusader, and now he seem to stay as assassin and rarely shown his face. Even though he change his job but he is pretty skilled on each job, furthermore each time he change a class his gear always a high quality with rare material! that bring him as S-class adventure only in 5 years."

"That is way you said he might be Noble."

"You can say Its like that. Did you hear he said Lunar mall? That a popular mall even for aristocrat build by the first prince."

"Should i visit there? If Sid the one collected the material. there should be a real high quality material."

"How much gold you have?"

"Urgh... Should we do a quest first?"



-At the top floor of the five star Lunar Resort Hotel

In the most luxurious room. The so called adventure Sid take off his gear and cloth all over the place. The room is dark until he reach out a bell and ring them, the room began to light and there you can see each adventure gear on every class is presented in the glass display. A Butler and few footman enter the room.

The cloth all over the place been tidied by the footman while the ButlerΒ  presented Sid a bathrobe.


"Except rumor about your highness, there is few invitation from the Noble that oppose the crown prince."

Listening to the Butler report it can be seem that the so called All-rounder Sid is member of the royal family.

"How about my little brother?"

"His highness the crown prince study is per usual. But... There seem to be a rumor circulating in accademy that the Crown Prince and Lady Elisabeth's relationship is not good these day. Also, this year honored student seem too close to The Crown Prince and other future important figure."

"Honored student? The commoner girl that enter this year?"


Sid touch his chin and began pondering for few moment.

"Interesting. It seem to be otome game this time"

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