The First Prince's Requiem Book

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The First Prince's Requiem


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This is story' about reincarnated first prince who remember his past life after mastering forbidden dark magic. When This prince think he just randomly send to another fantasy world but then he realize that this World contain various story such as Adventure, Otome game, Hero summoning, reborn, romance and etc. "I got my freedom, now shall we seek entertainment?" ________________ This is the story of the first prince who is not the crown prince. Lucas de Lunatracia, a boy named after light but unable to wield the said light. He is royalty with commoner blood. Born genius, mastering everything once he learn it, but that one of flaw led him to lose his right to the throne. He become a discarded prince send to the war and frivolously drown in worldly affair. Secretly build his own Empire and make a deal with the devil to get what righfully be his, The Throne, only end up destroying himself. Have his soul eaten by the demon and become a puppet minion who will be slayed by the Hero. That is his original Ending. Until, a certain Goddess took pity on him. At the age of 10 the Goddess send him a grimore. He who mastering the grimore now capable to remmember his every past life. A Priest who died while slaying the demon. A Warrior who died after completing his revange. A Witch who died of his lover betrayal. A Collage student who died from overworking. And other. His mind is tired. Before, he would avoid assassin attempt to take his life but now, he who didn't care anymore awaken his sleeping bloodline. An exsistance that near to Immortal. The identity of his commoner mother and the secret of his birth. And that how his journey began, But while he doing it, why not make it interesting? and mess up a 'little' bit? Content: Arc 1 - Otome Game Arc 2 - Reborn Duchess Arc 3 - Demon Contract Arc 4 - Saintress Arc 5 - Hero Summoning Arc 6 - Extra Arc 7 - Origin : Reincarnated Prince Update : 2 or more chapter/week -COVER IS NOT MINE!


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