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The First Hunter


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What is The First Hunter

The First Hunter is a popular web novel written by the author D-Dart, covering KOREAN, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 4.06/5 and 83 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 162 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The world has changed and so have the people. December 31st, 2016 – the day before New Year's. Kim Taehoon was just casually shopping for groceries at the large store. Monsters suddenly appeared out of thin air. With the highly trained skills that he had gained from his previous occupation, he starts to hunt the monsters down and manages to win, saving countless people who were also at the mall. But there are more and they don't stop coming. Will he be able to survive until the end? Will he be able to beat the countless monsters that only seem to get stronger? And will it just be monsters that he has to worry about? The journey of Kim Taehoon, The First Hunter, begins. ---- Editor's views - from Ekdud The First Hunter is a short Korean, action-fantasy novel situated in a post-apocalyptic world. Monsters start appearing out of nowhere and people are unlocking strange powers. Those who unlock such powers are called ‘Hunters’, ones with the strength to kill the monsters. To fight and survive, that is their goal. Society crumbles and the world burns. A very fun novel that dives into the plot almost instantly. The novel is interesting in a way that it depicts a lot of human nature and what people would do in a situation such as this is quite an accurate manner. The character development is also very good as you get to learn about the characters, their backgrounds, and their stories. All in all, this is another novel I’d recommend to a lot of readers who are interested in reading fantasy and gaming novels. --- **A licensed novel from Munpia**


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It is a pretty good apocalyptic story which unfortunately has been abandoned by translators twice. Honestly, I haven't read the translations here so no idea about the quality but the plot is great.


Reveal spoiler


H*LL YES!!! Had been following this novel since chapter 10 when it was originally released by a guys with a lot of passion but subpar English about 2 years ago. Then he dropped it, and after that it was picked up and dropped two times. So excited it’s here and I’ll finally get to read the ending!!


Not gonna lie it’s pretty EPIC Dhsnejjxndnsksnfndkzjdbendxjjxnwsjcbdbdmxubdnskdcbemdifhnekdjdbsnekfucdbbskdjcbdmedjbdndjhddjdudh to many words


Epic, but short story. The First Hunter is about a special forces soldier on leave who suddenly finds himself in the middle of a monster apocalypse. The story is fast paced - typical for Korean novels, where suddenly you may find yourself reading about another scene in the next paragraph. This fast paced story telling, full of sound effects, is pretty well utilized to paint a picture to the reader regarding the intense environment, and as typical as other Korean novels the MC grows from weak to strong pretty quickly. This is definitely one of those hidden gems that you can finish pretty quickly with an overall satisfactory ending (including an epilogue). Even though the story is fast paced, the chapters are pretty long, but like other Asian novels, the characters are pretty 2D - you get a name and that's it, and no significant development. Another significant detractor, in my opinion, is the lack of MC relationships, romantic or otherwise. The MC has several women who are interested in him, but he's as cold as a machine - and he's like this from beginning to end. No banter, no relaxation, no love, no fun, nope, nope, nope. I mean, c'mon, I get that he's a "Ghost soldier", but no one is completely devoid of human feelings (unless he's a sociopath (or is it psychopath?), which could also be argued), right? Another detractor is the annoyingly frustrating stunt the author pulls every time the MC catches up to the antagonist - the antagonist always seems to be just one step ahead, and can seemingly go from Moscow to Rome in the same time it takes for the MC to go half that distance (and remind you, this is a world full of crazy powerful monsters, and the MC is the most powerful one of them all). *sigh* it just annoys me when there's such a plothole where the antagonist can seemingly teleport and is omniscient regarding the MC's actions. It simply made me skip read a few chapters in the latter half of the story, just to proceed with the plot. Back on topic, the story, despite its flaws, IS really good and is definitely worth your time. Expect fast paced action, powerful MC, nice battles, and a clever protagonist. Don't expect romance, character development, world building, or multiple detailed POV from the side characters. Oh, and I suggest you prepare a good cup of coffee. It's good for the read 😉


Iam curious..... Not read it yet. But give this review as a support charm for your project. I will update this after reading. I hope this novel not dispointed me. See ya


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This novel actually has a good plot. Only problem is the release rate of chapters. Hoping that translators in webnovel will have a decent release rate.


FIRST RATE LOL - I'll read latur and see if it's good Still doe, first rate, fite me words this that good bad world wide man boy oh my god still not 140 characters


This story is unusual, when compared to most of the stories on Webnovel. It's short, it has a proper end, and it doesn't exactly fit into any of the normal templates. It's a Korean novel, but is a little unusual even compared to Korean novels. Unless you just hate Korean novels or postapocalyptic settings, do yourself a favor and read it.


The MC is definitely out for himself, which would be fine if he actually managed to do anything by himself instead of leeching his gains off of others efforts. People are of no use to him unless they are obedient slave sacrificial pawns. They are tools to facilitate his survival and might elicit empathy if those he meets were just as shrewd. Instead, the plot is full of his explanations about why he doesn't do things that actually make more sense in a post-apocalyptic event. The author knows what a plausible scenario might entail, but instead proceeds to present what seems like his wish fulfillment at the cost of credibility. For example, most other people are worthless trash and are abandoned by the MC early on. Those that the MC does recruit must obey him absolutely. Women are regarded as largely useless except as servants ready at his beckon call. The author writes these characters to accept his leadership not because it makes sense, but because it serves his own views on society. A view on society that evokes DPRK propaganda with the potential of MC to become the successor to Kim Jong-un...or worse.


Guarantied epic novel. It was short but it didn't look like the ending was rushed like other novels. Recommended 10/10


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This novel has a stable quality from the beginning to the end. the story goes realistically in the doomsday era.. smart MC.. I think every MC should be like this.. great way of thinking.. But this novel is a little bit short.. in conclusion, This novel is awesome.. I highly recommend this novel


Just don't read hit at least not until another team redo the trad It's literally at the level off an mtl The story is at least interesting but it's not worth the hard time u'll have at making sense out off the text ,either the one's who's writting the trad is 6 or it's inded an mtl .


Just as bad as I remember it to be. I'm barely even curious as to what it is that can make people look past all the flaws this has. Some examples: stiff characters, overly edgy mc, jarring grammar.


Everything is great except that the translation is confusing to understand sometimes. I'm really hooked with the story. I love how human the characters are. The lead is someone efficient and smart and logical. I love characters who think. Everything that happens has significance in the story, which is great because I don't like unnecessary portions that are there without any purpose. And the pace of the story is great.


Not a bad story, it's a pretty good take on an dystopian type world, I so like it but there are faults. Try doing more on the side characters, for me personally I don't feel as if you really have them any character, they just kinda far to the background after a while.


I've already read it before but translator dropped it..... Anyway, it's a nice novel to me, and iirc the author is also the one from emperor of solo play.


This story is well written and i like this.I hope it can ongoing till the end... (Though author dropped before...) Nice plot,smart and ruthless mc,good leader...


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