1 Waking Up

The young man opened his eyes in complete darkness. He sat upon the cold floor and looked around him. It was still totally dark but strangely he can sense where he was.

He found himself in a small circular chamber. The ceiling was nine feet above his head and he estimates the radius of the chamber to be 10 meters. There was a table to his left. He had no idea how he wound up in this place. The last thing he remembers was dying but why was he dying in the first place? His mind was blank.

He got up and walked towards the table and kept his hand on the smooth surface.

Suddenly the surface under his palm lit up and light flooded into the chamber. He flinched and after his eyes adjusted to the light he found out that he was indeed in a circular chamber.

"What a weird place", he said as he looked around. The chamber was pure white. The light was coming from all around him. There was nothing in the chamber except for the white table in front of him, a pair of doors on the wall opposite to him, and a mirror to his right.

He looked down and found out he was only wearing shorts and nothing else.

He walked over to the mirror and was taken aback. Looking back at him in the mirror was a man in his early twenties with messy black hair, porcelain skin, and deep purple eyes. He had a tall, slim athletic build with no imperfection.

"Damn", he said while poking his abs.

Suddenly a shrill noise drilled inside his head. He stumbled backward and fell right on the edge of the table.

There was a loud bang, the whole chamber echoed with the sound.

He rubbed his head. Weirdly he didn't feel the pain of the impact. He looked at his hand and saw blue blood on it. "Looks like I'm bleeding", he said.

Wait. Blue blood?

"How?", he said as he stared at his hand, with shock and confusion. Even if he doesn't remember anything, he does know that blood is red and definitely not blue unless he's an octopus.

He touched the wound on his head but it has already closed up. 'Looks like I heal fast', he thought to himself.

The shrill noise came back in his head. It was much stronger than before. He held his head. It felt as if something is trying to get inside his head. Eventually, he couldn't handle it and fell unconscious.

He opened his eyes and found himself in another weird place. It was a vast white space that stretched forever. "I'm starting to hate white", he grumbled as he looked around. He saw nothing.

"Welcome Seventeen", a voice came behind him. He spun around and was shocked. He saw.....himself, sitting on a couch with a coffee table in front laden with two cups and a coffee pot. He was relaxed in a purple shirt that matched his eyes and black pants.

"Well? Why are you just standing there Seventeen? Take a seat", he gestured to a similar couch opposite to him that came out of nowhere.

'Wow, looks like I hit my head really hard. This hallucination looks very real and why is he calling me Seventeen? Is that my name?', the young man thought.

"Indeed it was a pretty nasty fall but I assure you this is not a hallucination. Also yes, your name is Seventeen", the double said as he drank his coffee.

"You read my mind? Who the heck are you?", the young man asked him.

"Who am I? Well", the double said as he put down his cup and thought. He looked at him with the same purple eyes and smiled, "Why, I am your creator dear Seventeen".


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