1 History (what a boring topic but you have to know, right)

In the 21st century monsters invaded the human world. After years of deaths and misery towards both sides. The leaders from both realms gathered to try a resolve this problem.

As years go by people started to accept the monsters. This continued for a long time as many found it hard to accept such a fate.

The humans decided that calling them monsters is too cruel and that sence they are part of the economy now they should have a proper name for future generations to understand.

The monsters look between human but more animal. The humans debated to called them according to the type of species they look close to on Earth.

This was accepted by the (monsters) them. The different species had a different language

and brought new advance technology.Thus the age of battle discs was rising and a new war began. A war for power.

Thus humans were excited to have monsters with there technology on their side for it shall determine the outcome. However due to the war a new power grew from the ashes. This power killed half the planet. They call the power Magium. This was a secret organization. There the humans experiment on human kids and monster kids. Joining species into something... deadly. This was were the first Botiron was born.


A massive violent fire is spreading through out a village. A man and woman wolf species are trying to out run the fire that's eating away their village.

"Don't worry we are almost there, honey." said the man wolf toward his wife."We are safe with you. I'm just worried about the rest of the pack, Ben." said his wife as she looks down towards the small blanket in her arms.

"We will find out who started this fire and find out who survived. Just keep our son safe will I take care of you." Ben said looking from the fire towards the blanket then back at the fire.

"HAHAHAHAHA, do you think you can escape Ben. What happened to fighting and protecting the 'universe' as you call it to the end! Hahaha" said a metal mask figure coming out of the fire wearing black suit and a cape, not showing any opening of what hides under.

"Mery, run and don't turn back. Take our son and make sure he is safe." Ben said activating his battle disc.

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