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A moment of silence spread through the room, it was as if all where praying for the little wolf who was to battle against the two dogs, whom where much larger and muscular than her. It was a losing battle, even she knew this.

"Good evening and Welcome all to the Dog Fight! Today we have this gorgeous, spectacular young wolf. Yes! She is indeed small in size, though as to not hurt our prized winning dogs." He seemed so cheerful as he spoke, his voice less full of hatred, more of excitement. Oh why. "Today this gorgeous wolf, named Kaiserin, shall be fighting our Doberman. Max."

Max. A gorgeous looking Doberman. Tall and proud, his coat silky and smooth, black and tan, his tail cropped as to not allow dogs to latch onto him and tare it off causing permanent damage. His ears pointed, appearing to hear every little thing happening around him.

Derek continued, "And our lovely Pitbull mix, Vox, gorgeous young male wouldn't you say? We will be taking bets now!"

Vox. Another gorgeous looking dog, his mixed side unsure to all, piercing blue eyes.

Once both the dogs had been brought out and the bets had been made, it was a simple second before Kaiserin could feel something latching onto her back leg causing a pained scream to release itself from her before the snap was heard. Thankfully, adrenaline had been shooting through her body, more so the shock of the dog latching onto her causing the yelp than the breakage of her bone. Such a fragile bone, what else was expected? Turning her head to gaze over she'd take note that it was the Doberman, Max, latching himself onto her leg. He had an amazing hold on the leg as it dangled uselessly from his mouth, and instinctively she'd turn to snap at his nose, catching his muzzle between her pearly white teeth; shockingly, he let go. It must of been a combination of surprise and shock that she had actually partially fought back that caused him to let go so quick, nobody expected this, not even herself. She thought she'd merely cower away and allow the dogs to have way at her for however long it took, perhaps they would take her out of her misery, end her miserable life before things got to bad that she'd have to do it herself. She could only think one thing, her Masters brother. How would he react if he saw what his brother was doing to her right now? And with that thought, she gained enough energy to tug her leg away, crawling towards the boarder of the ring to hide. He'd be so disappointed to see her not fighting, but what energy did she have left to use to even fight against one dog let alone two? She had none. She had no will power, no spirit left in her to do anything.

She continued to move, licking her wounds carelessly with the knowledge the two dogs where still there, they where preying on her, waiting for the perfect time to strike. And so, it happened. The Pitbull moved. He had her within his jaws, her throat. It was happening so quickly, one minute it was just the Pitbull suffocating her, crushing her airways beneath her jaws then it was the Doberman latching back onto her legs. Crushing her toes and ankle beneath it's jaws, pain erupting, though no noise sounding.

'Please let it end' A fleeting thought before the light began to shine.

Kaiserin began to fade in and out of consciousness, her eyes closing then spiking open ever so quickly, as if in shock as drool pooled at the corner of her mouth, confusion and terror visible in her eyes. her rescuers where coming, though she had no idea.

There was a bang. Screaming. Yelling. Swearing.

The light begun to fade. Her eyes coming to a close. The dogs still upon her, taring her flesh and fur from her being.

Hands began to pin her body down, trying mercilessly to pry the Pitbull's mouth from around her neck, the Doberman releasing as soon as the men or women moved closer.

A soft almost inaudible whine mustered from her as a hand came to press itself on her ribs, pulling the Pitbull from her being, her head landing with a soft thump as a breath of relief sighed from her.

"You're safe now.." They seemed to far away as they spoke, an annoying buzzing clouding her hearing before darkness came close once more. This time, taking her down for the count, thoughts becoming nothing to her. Slipping into a land full of worry and panic. What would happen now? Is she safe? Or is she in for a lifetime of more pain and worry and torment, of abuse and neglect. Just let it end. She can't take much more of it, her soul shattered long ago.


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'Why. Why do people use dogs or even wolves as form of entertainment. The treatment grotesque. Such a time, such a place, why? A question to remain unanswered, the darkness becoming a friend to all creatures mixed up in this disgusting activity. Sadistic people. Sadistic World. Kaiserin. Things will be fine. You're safe. Nobody will be able to hurt you. Your scars will heal, your fur will glisten, your spirit will return, we will take the time to heal you, for you to heal yourself. You will be happy with us, with Alpha, with the pack. We know your secret, and are here to reveal it, though you need to remain calm. Composed. Sedatives will become your friend for now, your body must heal without the stress. You'll be able to hear, feel, and even see everything happening, but your reaction time to everything will be slow, you'll no longer feel stress or pain, you'll feel delirious though with us beside you you'll also hopefully feel safe. Training. Food. Love. Warmth. We welcome you to it.' - Rescuer.