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The smell of Faeces and urine was prominent as the morning sun pelted down on the young wolf; such a small creature in such a smaller cage. It was a Sunday night, usually this would mean a nice lie in to all the people in the world . But not for this little creature, Sundays are fighting days, the day you need to prove your worth in the dog fighting ring, the day you needed to win your owner some extra cash.

Keep in mind, this wolf was extremely small. Puppy sized almost, more-so when she cowered away in the corner from the man approaching. The mans name Is Derek, he used to be incredibly nice towards the now blood covered wolf pup until he lost his brother.

Out of all the things to happen, she was to be blamed for the incident. I mean, it was her fault. Wolves were something people weren't allowed to own, her mother was bred secretly and the pups sold off on the black-market where Derek had found her. He wanted a wolf to train and to become his protector, but upon noticing a certain females small stature it changed. She became a pet, a mongrel, but... was treated so kindly amongst the humans. She was fed daily, twice a day if lucky, bathed once a week, taken out on gorgeous walks in the forest that surrounded their home. A luxurious life for a wolf with no real purpose.

Then again.. previously mentioned it had all changed, drastically. Derek's younger brother had taken her on a walk, their usual routine and usual place. Unsuspectingly.. a new pack of wolves had moved into the area, the Alpha being this gigantic peach coloured wolf; with the scariest set of green eyes. The eyes of a murderer you could say. Kaiserin had tried to protect the boy, she really did, she tried all she could including fighting the alpha but.. she was too small and far too weak. The boy died.. that night.. Grief could be sensed looming around everyone in the family, including herself. Though, it hit harder for one person in particular, Derek. He didn't care for her wounds, he was way more wounded than she ever would be and now he saw her as she was.. a mangy wolf who wouldn't do one thing right, including protecting her masters brother.

That day everything had changed. She from that day forth was chained up in the backyard close to the dog fighting ring that Derek had set up. She was used constantly as target practice. Within the human community and the dog community.

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As Derek approached Kaiserin cage, the most she could do was cower, and by that we mean she curled up into the tightest of balls a wolf her size could. She couldn't move herself too much in fear of the destroyed cage snagging her already matted and mangled fur.

His voice was gruff, hatred emitting deeply with each and every word he spat. "Time to win me some cash, seems all you are good for."

As he threw open the cage door her body sank deeper into the safety of herself, his hand reaching in to then latch onto her stretchy skin. Dehydration had hit the young one. As his nails dug deep into her flesh a pained 'yelp' emitted loud, only for him to smirk with satisfaction to the reaction. She attempted to remain submissive, tail curling between her fragile, skinny hind legs. Kaiserin had yet to upset Derek to the point of him beating her to the brink of no return.

The yelp she previously sounded seemed to bring a thirst of sadistic tendencies to Derek, as if he wished to cause more pain to her by his own hand, and so he did. Raising his left hand to the height of his shoulder he'd bring it down with the force of a thousand upon her damaged muzzle, a chortle of laughter erupting from the man as tears pricked the corner of the younglings eyes. She remained submissive and quiet. Beaten and bruised to the point it had began to thump with numbness within her skull. Though, with her weakened state happened to cause an unfortunate moment of weakened bladder, and so the smell of urine flew. It was ghastly, the smell I mean, a combination of a dehydrated scent if a musk so strong it could put most to shame, and as the scent cascaded into Derek's senses his anger spiked. He threw her down to the floor, a pained lapse of whimper being produced as once more he forced abuse upon her, pushing her damaged little nose into the puddle of her urine. Kaiserin could feel the skin of her nose being tore away from the force of it, blood pooling and running into her nostril causing her to lapse into a dizzy state; the lack of proper amounts of oxygen in her panicked state causing her to heave heavily in distress.

"Stupid fucking wolf!" The hatred. It kept getting harsher, more sincere, she didn't have the will to even try to show her apologies as he slurred the words.

Unfortunately, the abuse continued. His nails continued to cling deeply into the nape of her neck, between her shoulder blades where the skin was less... damaged as we shall call it; hauling her off to the ring she dreaded. The fighting ring. She could hear the noises, the cries, the whimpers of defeat, the barks, the growls, and only now would she notice that it wasn't just ONE dog making the noises, but two.

'Two dogs?!' Panic would all she'd be able to feel as the thought circled in her mind. She only ever had to fight against one, and one was bad enough for her.

As the young wolf was released into the centre of the ring her first instinct would be to tuck tail and run. Fight or flight. Her tail came over to cover her nose as she cowered into the corner of the ring, though soon to be forced back into the centre by a cattle prong pressing into her spine.

She laid there. Panting, waiting, shaking.

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