1 The School Bully

Airon was in the woods near his home going through a complex obstacle course, that he and a couple friends made. The obstacle course included; jumping, climbing, and swinging off of vine ropes.

He was almost finished when he heard his mom yelling "dinner!"

He got a running start, and jumped on the wall, and climbed up the wall that surrounded the obstacle course and ran home. They were having steak, mashed potatoes, and corn!

Kevin was playing Call of Duty 2 in his bedroom on his ps3 when his mom called him down for dinner. He ran smack dab into Airon as he was going down the stairs causing Airon to drop his coat. Arion's coat had an assortment of sheathed knives and as it hit the floor they made a clattering noise.

Their mom yelled, "What was that?".

Airon said, "It was my coat filled with my knives."

Karen(Kevin and Airons mom) asked "Why?"

Airon said, "Kevin ran into me on the stairs making me drop my coat".

Karen said, "Okay."

Airon picked up his coat and continued up the stairs to his bedroom. In his bedroom he

pulled out a non sweaty outfit to wear for when he gets out of the shower. The outfit he chose consisted of a pair of black sweatpants, a black t-shirt that said Tapout in white, and a pair of slippers.

After Airon took his shower he went down to dinner.

His mom asked "what were you doing outside".

Airon said "I was running the obstacle course that my friends and I made."

Airon then asked Kevin "How was your day?"

Kevin replied "good other than the kid who is bullying me at school."

"I will take care of him tomorrow." said Airon.

The family then went to bed. Kevin decided to sleep with Karen while Airon took the couch.

    The next morning Airon was up at six o'clock feeding the cows, sheep, and chickens. Airon got Kevin up at six-thirty to get ready for school because the bus came at seven-twenty five. When Airon and Kevin got on the bus an assortment of garbage got thrown at Kevin.

Airon yelled "Who all threw the garbage".

All the other students just hid their faces. Finally they arrived at school where Airon and Kevin went to breakfast.

"Will you show me who is bullying you Kevin?" asked Airon

"Sure," said kevin

So Kevin showed Airon the kid that was bullying him. The kid was short, scrawny, and had jet black hair.

Airon walked up to the kid and asked "why are you bullying my little brother?"

The kid said "Because I don't like the look of him."

So Airon punched the kid in the arm, and that is how the fist fight got started. Airon dodged every single one of the kid's attacks while giving the kid a bloody nose, a black eye, and and a couple of broken fingers.

That is when the Demons attacked, and we had to work together if we had any hope of surviving...

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