The Fight Against Loved Ones

novel - Sci-fi Romance

The Fight Against Loved Ones #TFALO


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Everything seemed to be going right in Jennifer's life, a 13 year old, before her life took an extreme turn and she found that she had to leave her hometown and dear friends, Nick Goldman and Diana Chase. After 3 years, the story resumes. In the city of West Abana, where she was transferred to, she finds a new friend Audrey King. She manages to adjust to the new place but somewhere something is brewing to turn her life upside down. Knowing that their families are in danger, what should a mere group of normal teenagers? Should they ask for help?  Or should they take matters in their own hands?  Enjoy the story as it unravels various aspects of an average teenagers life along with dangerous and breathtaking  adventures and struggles they face! What will happen if they are forced to make a choice that their life depends on?A choice that won't have the same outcome for everyone! Keep reading to reveal the story of Jennifer Soul and her friends! *Get ready for the rollercoaster ride* P.S.  Has point of view(POV) of different characters!


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