The Femme Fatale [Completed]
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The Femme Fatale [Completed]


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What is The Femme Fatale [Completed]

The Femme Fatale [Completed] is a popular web novel written by the author Nikki_Larousse, covering BREEDING, BADASSFEMALE, BILLIONAIRE, MODERN, ORIGINAL, HEA, NIKKILAROUSSE, INGENIOUSMALE, STANDALONE, THEFEMMEFATALE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 256.5K readers . The novel is completed and can be read all 144 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Badass female and ingenious male, what could go wrong with that combination? EVERYTHING! Meet Mia Duncan, who was an assassin that got caught up with Detective Liam Hunt. Her life will never be the same. Then, say hello to Sabrina Dubois, who was an intern until she met her boss, Nathan White who happened to be a CIA agent. Also, we have Anastasia, who was a science whizz but got entangle with Marco Conti, a person that was bad news. Lastly, we have Alina Dalca that has attracted Kyle Conti when he first landed in her hometown. What would our Female Leads do to get away from their match? Or maybe, they might just snatch them for themselves (wicked smile).

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Hey guys, thank you so much for reading The French Delight. It has been a wild journey with this book being on hold for so long and I tried to rewrite it but ended up doing a little touch up here and there. I hope that you enjoy my book as well as the other books that I have completed: The Conti Satisfaction The Croatian Devil The Romanian Vamp


Good one ❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐


Reveal spoiler


Hey, y'all! I hope you guys are staying home and staying safe for us to get over with this pandemic. So, I have been thinking to set some poll for you guys, my readers, to decide which series for you wanted to read first since I will be having so much free time to write more novels for you. So, all you have to do was to comment on the chapters that you are currently reading and choose one of the series below. After The Elemental Lovers series is finished, I will start on the series that you guys wanted most. So, vote now by commenting on the series. 1 The Scots Rendezvous; Conall, Edmond, Lucas, and Scott. 2 Machinate For Marriage; Chris, Tyler, Eddy, and Eliot. 3 Shifter Soulmates; Benedict, Pierre, Pascal, Jonathan, and Silas I will be waiting for the result! Cheers, Nikki


Unlike other books , here one can find self-sufficient chapters and even stories. Short , independent yet in a way connected . Can bet , u would love it , u wouldn't be able to stop reading unless u complete the story , curiosity would kill u 😋


💖It's good that author has merged all stories together as one Novel and I love it!!!!


I have some question❓ can I Is ther other story with Charles? ? Sabrina and Nathan already deed sex three years ago so how can she still virgin? ?


It was a nice , adventurous , tempted and more of a good story .......i enjoyed it throughout and i loved the characters as well..... Good flowing...and lovely and irresistible dialogues... I love it 💜


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