The Feathered Deamon Book

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The Feathered Deamon



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Werewolves, Vampires, Elves and Witches. Ogres, Gremlins, Angels and Demons. All of these creatures had lived on earth together in harmony with humans, until a Demon General known as Rakola had started a war, wanting to take over all the other species and make Demons number one. He failed. He was taken over by the other races who banded together to defeat him and his worriors. That war was thousands of years ago by now, told as stories and written in history. But now the Demons have been in hiding for all those years, confiding in the underground and caves. Nobody dares go near them and now forgetting their existence, forgetting what they all once feared. Now, a Royal blood Vampire gets attacked on her way to a neighbouring City to visit family. Her gaurds that defend her died to protect her as she tried to flee as best as she could from the sudden force to her carriage. She gets lost and wounded and with no source of blood for miles, how will the Vampire find her way home safely?


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