6 Too much info for a high school student

Goz cleared his throat before speaking any further.

"There are two main parts of the Magic Exam preliminaries," Goz held out two fingers, "A written portion and a magic portion."

"You take the written part first, there's both objective and subjective questions so just knowing definitions and that stuff isn't good enough you need to give your own opinion and thought process."

"After you take the written test, they look at everyone's answers before anyone takes the magic test."

Goz paced back and forth as he spoke.

"As you may know, there are four divisions a feronest can choose to join once becoming a magician," Goz held out four fingers to emphasize his point.

"There's the Shah's Army, dedicated to fighting for the sake of the Shah and split between attack forces and defense forces. If you choose to enter this division then you will bear the badge of a sword or a shield."

"If fighting for the Shah isn't your cup of tea, then maybe you want to join the Hunter's Guild to be a Monster Hunter. This division is focused on feron beast suppression, in either big game hunting, which focuses on taking down very strong feron beasts, or extermination, in which you'll be hunting many weaker feron beasts. You'll be represented by either a bow or a trap."

"Not even those suit your fancy? Well how about putting your skills against other feronests in the Enforcement Agency? I have to warn you, this is the most dangerous division and the most difficult to get into. In this division, you can choose undercover work and be represented by the dog a symbol of faithfulness to the Shah, or law enforcement and have the symbol of the magician's staff."

"The exact opposite of the E.A. is Internal Protocols. There you'll protect the people under the cross, or help with evacuation and healing the wounded under the rose."

"To explain more details on the magic test, let me introduce my fellow student, Elfried."

Another of the three stepped forward. He was taller than Goz by a couple of inches, with slicked back white hair, narrow yellow eyes, and very light skin. He wore the same O.L. uniform as the others.

"Charmed, to be sure." Elfried's voice was silky smooth to the point of making his audience uncomfortable. Fyren could barely make out fangs while Elfried was talking.

He must be a vampire.

"I normally despise talking before crowds, and today is no exception, but regardless I am still excited to inform potential new blood with information pertinent to the Magic Exam."

"On the M.E.P. forms you were given, you must decide which division you will try out for, however if, in their reviewal of your written test, they decide you will be better suited to a different division, then you will have to undergo that division's testing."

Melfis whispered to Fyren, "What division are you joining?"

"Internal Protocols."

"Aw, sounds boring. There's no action in that division."

"Yeah, I know, but there's no shot I'm even passing the prelims, I'll just try again next semester."

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"C'mon Fy-guy! Where's your spirit? Us high schoolers are supposed to be an optimistic bunch!"

"Well, which division are you trying out for?"

"Definitely the Enforcement Agency, what could be better than testing your mettle in a good ol' feronest on feronest tussle?"

"Of course that's what you would choose."

"Hm? Did you say something Fy-guy? I think it was about you being a boring slob while I'm doing cool fights every day?"

"Sure, sure, keep telling yourself that."

Elfried continued.

"The tests are essentially a microcosm of the divisions. Testing your dexterity with certain equipment and other military-esque tests for S.A., fighting against feron beasts, fighting other feronests, etc."

"These are the division specific tests, but there are some general tests everyone will take just to measure their worth."

"Keep in mind, all of the twelve official orders have all four of the divisions, but unofficial orders usually only affiliate with one division or subdivision."

"And unfortunately, my time is up so please excuse me and welcome your next speaker, the ever-lovely Miss Lucy!" He kissed the hand of an extremely pretty girl. She brushed back her golden, gem-studded hair, smiled, and waved to the crowd who roared in reply.

"I bet you're head over heels, eh Fyren?" Melfis nudged Fyren rather forcefully.

"Oh yeah, good thing you're here or I would've fainted already," Fyren said rolling his eyes.

"No prob Fy-guy, just doing my job."

"Yeah, thanks for all your hard work.

Lucy curtseyed and announced, "My name is Lucy Umbrel, and it is a pleasure to meet you all!"

The noise abruptly stopped as the majority of male students immediately lasered in on what Lucy was going to say.

Melfis nudged Fyren again, smirking.

"Unlike regular school, for the preliminaries and the actual Magic Exam, you only need an overall fifty percent to pass. So whether you want to use a combination of the written test and the magic test or rely heavily on one or the other make sure to do your best!"

A resounding enthusiastic roar sounded from the crowd. Undoubtedly, the students were fired up from Lucy's words of encouragement.

"Only the top half or less of the people who take the preliminaries will actually pass and get to take the Magic Exam after the first semester in their third year."

"With that in mind, good luck this weekend and give it your best shot!"

An eruption even louder than the last nearly broke Fyren's eardrums.

Why do I feel like they just used the pretty girl to build hype?

With that, the students were dismissed. They dissipated like a fine mist into the courtyard, talking mainly about Lucy, but also about the prelims.

Fyren looked for Melfis in the crowd. How did I get separated from her? He thought he saw a glimpse of her black bob on the other side of the arena. It'd be a pain to go get her. Guess I'll just go back to my room. He turned around and Goz's smiling face was millimeters from his. "Yo, Rookie!"

Fyren took a step back and raised an eyebrow.

"If ya got any questions don't be afraid to ask!"

I better ask something or this will be awkward. "If you don't mind me asking, Mr. Goz, what kind of magic do you use?"

"Oh ho ho! A fellow magic enthusiast! Well you're not supposed to tell others specifically your magic abilities, but I will tell you that I'm a Light Feronest! And I suppose you already know what you are."

"That's true."

Goz put his hand on Fyren's shoulder and leaned into his ear.

"Keep on the lookout while you're there, don't want another successful terrorist attack to happen."

Fyren's other eyebrow was raised.

"You're nervous, huh?" Goz said pulling back.

"Uh, sure."

Goz's smile subsided. "It seems like your friend over there has no such sentiments."

He jabbed his thumb at Melfis who was coming over to them.

"Well, she did take something for anxiety or whatever."

"No pill can make every trace of emotion disappear… Well smell ya later Rookie!"

Fyren stared after Goz.

"What was that about?" Melfis asked.

"I wonder.."

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