The Fate Forgers

Magical Realism
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What is The Fate Forgers

Read ‘The Fate Forgers’ Online for Free, written by the author Chocolatepickle, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "In the depths of his own disinterest, Dylan languishes in his room, lost in a sea of procrastination and endless YouTub...


"In the depths of his own disinterest, Dylan languishes in his room, lost in a sea of procrastination and endless YouTube scrolling. The world around him has lost its luster, and he drifts without purpose day by day. But one unassuming encounter changes the course of his entire life - an inconspicuous video from a YouTube channel of a small production company which uses it only to release trailers for their upcoming movies and series. The video which was only title 'Trailer,' it becomes the catalyst that sparks a flicker of interest within Dylan, a soul who rarely finds fascination. Join the journey of Dylan, the embodiment of apathy, navigates a life devoid of passion or connection. Yet, against all odds, a gradual transformation begins. Through encounters, experiences, and perhaps by aa special someone, he rediscovers the beauty of the world he had so long dismissed. However, can he maintain a grip on that individual, or will he forfeit the sole person linking him to the world? The steps he takes further will determine his future journey, yet it's as uncomplicated as he perceives the world, or perhaps something is unfolding behind him that he couldn't comprehend."

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she_osprey · LGBT+
77 Chs


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The first few chapters might seem slow-paced to some, but they thoroughly delve into the character of various introduced intially, also the story have great potential I do not like to write reviews I will just say more chapters please 🥺


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