1 Intro

A glass cup shattered and spilled deep red wine all over the ballroom floor.

It was a mistake- an accident.

Under the bright chandelier light, she looked at them standing at the center.

They were so close yet so far.

She pierced them in the eyes with disbelief.

She wanted to force her eyes closed to have them out of sight, but her heart told her not to; because if it was all just an hallucination that her mind was doing, it would all disappear. If it wasn't her mind and eyes playing tricks on her …. She didn't want to make that thought a reality.

She was hoping that someone slipped some type of drug that made her start hallucinating making everything seem so vivid. If it was some type of drug she needed to ask the one that put it into her drink what it was so she could see them every time she felt like she was slowly letting them go. Or maybe she's dreaming and still hasn't woken up. Or maybe-

She soon realized the meaning of the looks in their eyes. The eyes of those around her were watching intensely.

Those close to her, knowing her for years, were confused. They looked into the crowd of people, who were whispering and looking at them, wondering why she froze looking into that line of sight.

Their eyes made contact with the same ones she saw, they understood the meaning of the emotions portrayed in her eyes and her reaction. They froze not knowing what to do either.

She was always one to keep cool and her head straight giving out orders to the rest.

The only thing they can do for now is block her line of sight by making her look down and focus on her current situation, standing in front of her in case she wants to look up again after that.

She was still frozen stiff. There was another noise, a crack slowly spreading across a beautiful large glass like something was putting pressure on it so it could burst and break.

The complicated thoughts soon began to form inside her head. The cracks were getting larger and louder. The glass finally broke, and soon came the echoing shatter. It was a shatter that was so loud yet so silent. It was the type of noise that pierced deeper into her than the glass cup that broke and scratched her skin.

The cause of the loud noise that only she could hear was the careful sculpted glass shaped heart she always carried around. It was something that was broken to begin with but she had hopes of building it back again. The moment she realized it was not a dream the pieces that were lying around were completely shattered. Her eyes and mind were not playing games with her. The pain from the imaginary yet so vivid glass pieces stabbing her from every direction was so real, it was more painful than being sprayed vinegar and salt with open cuts on. The pain was felt through her whole body but it was only her right leg that was physically hurt.

She glanced up again to see their faces. She blinked again and again. She still wanted to make sure while still denying it all. By the time she realized their facial expressions, that she only caught a glimpse of, she could no longer deny it. Someone already stepped in, to block her line of sight but she still stared as if she was able to see past them.

She knew their emotions and facial expressions very well because that was the only way she managed to survive. Fear and guilt was written on them. They knew very well what they had done. Now there was nothing that could deny her that it was not them as they were walking in her direction through the crowd.

She froze in shock at first because of what she heard and saw. Now it was because she realized her situation needed her immediate action. She needed to react quickly. She needed to regain composure, in front of the crowds that were watching and whispering, looking around trying to find out what made her freeze like that; a person who always had composure to react like that. Everyone was alert and in fear for that reason. Some were laughing and looking at her like a fool. They were waiting for her to make a mistake so they could ruin her and put her in more misery than what she was already.

There was no time to continue to feel what she was feeling. There was no time to process her situation and there was no time to reminisce or to regret the past. All she could do right now is to act like she fainted at the sight of blood and try to escape the situation. Although that would soon be used as a flaw it was all she could think of after all the time she spent frozen. She inhaled lightly for a moment and let her body go completely as her eyes closed. It wasn't hard to do since her body was exhausted due to her busy schedule.

She didn't know whether to be grateful or not for attending this party or not.

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