The Fallen God Immortal
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The Fallen God Immortal


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What is The Fallen God Immortal

Read The Fallen God Immortal novel written by the author Yeng_Sensei on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering action, adventure, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"I, Yeng Lor have sinned many and now cursed by God." "He made me immortal and I shall suffer as I watch my loved one died before me." "Earth is not even Earth anymore because of many explosion of nearby star has expanded Earth by a million time." "It has being over 99,984 years now...Today mark my 100,000th birthday." "I am 100,000 years old but why my body still looking like a 16 years old boy..." "God dammit!!", as Yeng howl to the sky. As if God heard his wish he heard a voice, "Are you ready to be reborn?" Yeng Lor was stunned but soon regain his sense as his blood began to boil in excitement. "Hell Yeah!!!!", Yeng yelled as a reply to God. Tags: Special Abilities, Hard-Working MC, Pill Concocting, Body Tempering, Weak to Strong, Handsome MC, Action, Cultivation, Reincarnation, Adventure Art by: Maximilian Degen *Grammar is never my skill hehe*


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Ok so this is Yeng Sensei, ahhhhhhhhhhh English as second language... First time writing novel lmfao Grammar is the worst for me <3 Hope you enjoy! Feedback to me so I can improve more! Thanks.


There’s only one chapter out but it seems interesting, Lets see how much talent and potential a kid will have when he’s born from a fruit of heaven and the reincarnation of an immortal


don't mean to bring your story down, but it's been a month since you updated!!! For writing quality, I couldn't give it a 4.5(sadness), but it's just small grammar mistakes. Aside from that, this story's really interesting! For the scene of when the uncle dies, give a small paragraph of how much he means to Yeng, and a description of the fight a little more as well as the features of the assignments. You kind of just shoved his death into my face suddenly and made the scene escalate too fast...but's that it. Everything else is AMAZING! love this story so far!!! -screaming to the world in the background-


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