The fallen angel´s Book

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The fallen angel´s


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"I can't do much..." His deep voice travelled through the night overriding the painful cries. "P-please-" "I can´t grant you a complete lifetime that will be too much meddling but I can give you time till your child's birth..." "M-my baby.." "Your soul will leave your body the moment the first cry of the baby is heard. Here my blessing." He motioned his hand in the air as if to write something. The snowflakes around moved elegantly to form a white translucent silhouette of a deer. The deer stood tall proud to be summoned by her master. Her master gestured towards the bleeding woman, so she stepped forward and bowed. A small lotus appeared in between her antlers which she granted to the one in need. Her master patted her head in gratitude making her bleat with joy before she disintegrated into tiny crystals of snow. "P-please" She cried out in pain unable to comprehend the situation she was in. Her head becomes lighter as her vision is blurs.Closing her eyes she gives in to the darkness.

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