1 Betrayal and Sentence

Somewhere within the divine realm could be seen as a floating island covered with clouds where only two figures could be observed, one an ancient oak and the other of a young woman.

"Child be wise, you understand that the path you have chosen will only lead to pain"

The old oak spoke while it's branches swayed with the breeze filled with divine Qi.

"Thank you Master, but this is not something I can forgive, they have caused me so much pain and those too who called me family," The young woman said as she looked towards the starry sky after a while she turned and bowed to the oak.

"Master, I may not be able to return and this disciple is only here to say thank you and Good-bye, may our paths cross again" With that, she turned and a beautiful pair of almost translucent rainbow glimmered wings spread across her back and thus she flew towards the heavenly palace.


Days later within the heavenly palace where blood-stained walls and the stench of death still lingered. Among the 13 seats more than half were empty and of those who survived stared with hatred and disdain at the person in the middle of the room. It took the extreme force of will of those seated to not just step out and kill the person of the slaughter, and of course, the order of the Celestial Empress whom they thought was being too lenient.

"Speak, what was the reason of this man-slaughter?" The Celestial Empress spoke with a cold and indifferent tone, to the prisoner who was tied down by chain and forced to kneel to the ground with more than a dozen guards as to prevent her escape.

While spatting out blood and with difficulty to breath she spoke in ridicule, " So how is it?, the one who caused you the almighty Xia Rizo, oh oh I meant to call you " You're Highness" to befall and lose more than half of her forces... How does it feel to lose what's precious to you, hehehe"

"Silence!!!" Xia Rizo stood up seething in anger " What you have done is no less than a capital crime!"

"And what about my family! you used then once you're selfish experiments where done you killed them one by one ... do you know how painful that was!!! you have no right to sentence me, none at all you are nothing but the Queen of dispair!!!" She yelled at the top of her lungs so that every single one of them knew her reason.

"Kazumi that is enough, yes the previous ruler ... I had no control over it, thus it was just a couple of contracted demons" Xia Rizo stayed silent for a moment before dictating her sentence

"Kazumi, I have decided that you shall be banished to the mortal realm and your cultivation shall be left at Golden core so that you can survive, Good-bye Kazumi of the seven seas" And thus a ray of light shot out of one of Xia Rizo's finger damaging the cultivation level in Kazumi's body...

While In the shadows someone smirks at the sight of it

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