1 Prologue

Arjun, a boy from middle class Indian family living in India got transmigrated into another world in the body of a boy of the same age named Harris Carl.

This world was called Faithland.

Faithland was a magical land where people could became stronger through martial art cultivation.

But, along with martial art cultivation, there exists a special type of cultivation in this world known as Faith cultivation or simply Faith.

from a outsiders point of view, This Faith cultivation is same as any martial arts cultivation where you had cultivation manual, with help of which you'll guide spiritual qi into your body.

But, actually In Faith cultivation, a cultivation manual is called scripture, which is actually a kind of prayer which a follower ( someone who practices Faith cultivation) recites to gain blessings of certain God.

(rest we'll discuss later)

so, basically this the story of Arjun who had transmigrated as deprived Saint son of one of the largest Religion in Faithland named as Harris Carl.

Just after his transmigration he met a God from the future, who named himself as 'INDRA'.

Indra gaved him special kind of super power to help him grow rapidly.

As for why he gaved him that power, he didn't told him entirely but just said that he had to grow stronger quickly to protect someone who was once very important for him(Indra).

Arjun who was already quite confused because of him new identity becamed even more confused after his conversation with God.

He had many questions for Indra but, he didn't get time to ask him.

Now, Arjun has to live in this world with the name of Harris Carl and at the same time became stronger quickly to complete the task given by God.