The Fairest Of Them Fall Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Fairest Of Them Fall


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Long before the Fair Princess Snow White was born, another Princess, Princess Meviah, was born out of wedlock. The baby was sentenced to a premature death, yet her mother, Queen Azaeya, saw a chance to claim the throne for herself. She poisoned King Grensden and raised the princess. As Meviah grew up, she began to see that nothing was ever really fair. Not every person she came across was true or honest. After starting a war at a ball, causing a miscommunication between the Dwarf clan and losing a dear friend, Meviah learns of her mother's enchanted mirror and hidden alchemy books. Meviah's journey to become "The Fairest In The Land" is shattered when the Princess Snow White is born. Hating the idea of being second best, she plots to tempt, trick and fool the young girl into becoming less than her pure destiny. With the Dwarf clan against her and a rebel Prince on the loose in the forest, Meviah feels her chance to gain power is in place to make "The Fairest Of Them Fall."