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Highly Appreciate it 😊👍✨ The novel has a good plot and is promising. I love the pacing of the novel and the way writer writes the story. The writer is successful in appealing to the readers . At last the novel is overall nice and will desperately wait for the next chapters to release And hope that the writer will continue this awesome work and will evolve even more with time . Mine best wishes are always with you .


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I think this is an interesting and unique take on a transmigration into a novel trope. The MC dies and goes into a novel that he wrote and gets into a lot of shenanigans. Some of the stuff is quite funny. The MC's point of view and thoughts flow pretty well as he acts as an omniscient ghost pulling strings behind everyone's backs. The only critique for the author is that your paragraphs are one long run on sentence. The prose still flows pretty well and I don't mind but some others might.


I was satisfied with the description, plot, that's just great. Everyone is able to fully understand and ride into the story and that's what is important. Being able to connect with the characters is amazing to me and not all writers give this chance to their audience maybe because they try adding a lot of complicated stuff to make it mature and most readers end up being confused. Yours wasn't that way and wasn't so plain as well so good job here! Voting one more time for you...


The premise is very interesting and unique, and the author quickly reels you into it. The writing is quite descriptive, and although sometimes lacks proofreading is quite well written. My only comment would be that some of the chapters are a bit meandering, but all in all a solid read.


I like it!!!! The narration is written clearly and enjoyed the vivid description of events. What I enjoyed most is the uniqueness of the story being centred in a game like setting, which I find very rare nowadays. [img=recommend]


The narration was done really well that you'll get suck in the book yourself. The decriptions are done good, lots of showing and an equal amount of telling. From where I am, it's already very interesting.


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This is a very refreshing read for me. My first time to read something like this and the entire story got me hooked. The MC, the setting, it's refreshing indeed. Great job author. I'll follow this story through. I'm excited for the development of the characters.


The flow of the narration is very well done, and transitions between scenes extremely smooth. Solid structure. This is a clear indication that author plans ahead and puts a lot of thoughts into writing. Unlike generic flat characters prevalent in vast majority of webnovels, Xiao Ying is a very believable character particularly because he has depth and many layers of what makes him him. Big kudos there. It's a bit hard for me to keep track of Asian names, though, so when someone other than Xiao Ying is in the scene I keep going back pages 'wait, who's this?' :) but I'm sure readers from the eastern block would have no problem at all. I've learned of this novel's existence through the review swap thread, and am actually glad author replied to my post with the link to this story. It's always nice to discover a good read.


Very interesting story. Good and have a huge potential. I hope the author will continue to upload more chapters a day. Good luck to you journey, author.


Omgaaassssh, I feel like I've read this from one anime! though they are different but I can see the resemblance, dying and entering the world which the Mc created, oooh sounds like Bunguo to alchemist. Anyhow, its nice the point of view is well written


This is actually very well written, with good character development and great descriptions. It is also starting in an interesting way, good job!


Hello, Author! Writing Quality: I think you're doing great! Your writing format's fine! Stability of Updates: Just update if you can or want to. Story Development: I think it gets even more interesting. I can't spoil here, but to those who are hesitating, read this. Character Design: You distinguished them very well. World Background: You're also doing great! I hope you'll find success in this story!


The details in this book are very well written and vivid - you can really imagine everything that's going on in the story! I also love Xiao Ying's thought process and how easily you can picture his emotions. He's not an emotionless, stone-hearted MC like a lot of other MCs I've seen. He feels very down to earth and relatable in his struggles and insecurities. I also love the unique concept for this novel - having a failed novel author play through his own novel in order to regain his old life back. It's really unique and interested and the beginning got me hooked. Great job with this story, and good luck, this deserves more views!


Good night! I'm sure many have already told you this, but your story is unique. I love the idea that you have started to develop. I really hope that the story continues on track. You definitely have a new reader.


So far, so good. From where I am in the story, it's amazing. The characters are unique, and I've never read a novel about being in a novel. It's interesting, to say the least. Keep up the great work, Author!


Your book is my first in transmigration novels.Its a real good idea.I love your plot designing and revealing.Your characters are good too.I hope you can give us more chapters soon.


This is about a novel within a novel which makes me think maybe the inside novel being referred to is not "shitty" as the narrator suggests but more exciting in my opinion because why would the author tell it? and tell in his POV. Anyways, each writer has his own style, originality, point of view and this novel has lots of check points on that. But this has gained a lot of hits and more popular that I thought. Go ahead this is a good premise and would attract fans of this genre. I am more into dialogue intensive novels but you will certainly gain a lot of fans from this game world system genre as this is the current trend. Thanks and have fun!


i always admire people who could write genre like this, it is amazing to read. The plots and development of it are good, and the characters are unique🤓 Good job Author, keep it up!