Prologue - Broken

Society is divided.

The fight between good and evil rages on, heedless of the destruction and desolation it leaves behind.

Entire worlds ravaged, entire civilisations and cultures decimated, without a care for the consequences.

Kindness is a luxury when trying to survive in the broken wastelands left behind by such conflicts.

Food is sparse, jobs are dangerous and exhausting, beasts roam the lands destroying any who are unlucky to end up in their path and people kill each other over mere scraps.

In such a land, kindness means death. Even a person that genuinely appreciates your help would still kill you for your resources let alone the scum most of humanity had become after hardening their hearts.

She had learned the pain of kindness too late. She was trying to live up to her saviours example like the child she was and the end result was horrific.

An innocent child...

But sometimes, fate can be changed. Sometimes, there is another chance. Sometimes, one can rise up from their horrific circumstances to become a figure that shakes worlds.

This chance was called the 'System'