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The Exiled Prince


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A young man who possesses what appears to be an immortal soul is stripped of all his memories and forced to fend for himself. Throughout his struggle to survive among mere mortals, he slowly regains his powers, powers he should have already lost. This causes a ripple effect throughout the entire universe. Chaos ensues followed by a manhunt that reaches far and wide. Join Dimitri in his quest to reclaim his past, unearthing the truth from all the lies along the way in a perilous journey with only two possible outcomes: his glory or his death. Author’s Disclaimer: Hi there! I’ve rewritten the first few chapters to adapt to the changes in the storyline. Due to my online classes and job, I can only promise to write one chapter per week. Hoping for your kind understanding! Please don’t forget to vote and give me your feedback in the comment section of each chapter. Kindly leave a review as well on the novel’s main page (well, probably after you’ve read the first 20 chapters).


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