1 The Error of My Way

At a drastic effort to escape we leaped over the wall and run down the hill. I thought this was bad but nothing happened.

This all start a month ago in the town of Ocupieo, I was walking around the town. It was hot with a nice breeze and the town was surrounded by lots of new trees. The bright I saw was amazing , so I walked into the tavern.

Inside the tavern on the east side of the town, I went to get a drink. As I walked into the tavern people where shouting about the empire.

The empire is a vast and large country made of ten main cities and in the most renowned city is where their king resides. Ocupieo is a town that is just outside the empire borders. So if war ever broke out we be in the center of it.

When I went to get a drink, they ask for my age.

"What your age young man?" asked the woman at the counter

"I am 16" I reply

She look confused but made my order anyway.

I sat down and had my drink, I noticed that many people left. I went home.

A week later I went out to get some bread from the market and to my surprise no one was in the stalls nor were there anyone around. I wandered through the empty street of the town.

I found a Knight on patrol at last and ask him what was going on. And he said

"Its a day of rest of today because of unconventional circumstances"

That was all he said so I went home.

The new day everyone returned to their work. I wondered why?

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