2 Intro: This Memoir

The story that I am about to tell is true though it felt like a dream yet it was real and strange; no one knows how long my friends and I were gone. My friends still don't remember what had happened as if they had been asleep for a LONG time but I remembered and what I went through for them.

Anyone who reads my story will think this is a work of fiction...a dream of sorts or a VERY STRONG and VIVID IMAGINATION...and in the end this is a story that I am telling. I decided to record my story by hand for the memories of what had happened is still clear as day.

I cannot tell you my true name for I learned that names have power; I will be using a PSEUDONYM name instead as I had to hide my original name and gained it back later. Names of my friends will be random but the rest of the story will be accurate as possible; the name of my hometown will be changed for my peace of mind.

I had to face many challenges to save my friends and earned our freedom, though I did this under a very different form with a different name. I was restored to my original form with my true name later; I still remember what I learned and experienced.

I found my-self exploring my boundaries and I remember every details-the sights, feelings, tastes and sensations that I still dream about. This is my supernatural story, my modern fairytale life and if anyone finds my story, I ask that you give my book a chance to be read at least once.

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My story will be told like a TV Show by episodes under a set of story arcs...My pilot Episode begins my story...