The Epos Of Satyana Pallawan Book

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The Epos Of Satyana Pallawan


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The story tells us about a young girl that descended from the gods who fell into the sky, until not long after she met with a half-buffalo man, where they seem to have been predestined by the gods itself' from time immemorial to fight the evil existstence on this world and on a mission to aquired a peaceful world for save an age that has been in state of chaotic following the flow of time. But something snap her head and happened to her memory. The girl forgot her own identity. . Vision of previous-life memories... And her origin, where she came from she.. don't know... This is the beginning story of a journey from yakshis girl!!! The girl with his five friends that then become family later who was possibly the destined prodigy that has to be a sign of the end of era darkness.


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