1 Chapter 1 Beast Mountain Boss

Leading a group of youth between ten to fifteen, Lin Xulian threaded the perimeter of about two miles around Lin Martial Arts School. This school is located deep in Beast Mountain owned by her family.

The Lin clan are clan of martial artists for centuries doing mercenary jobs. But mostly they only accept bodyguard job, investigating (spying) and finding rare items for clients.

Currently, these group of youths are searching for a rouge beast that's been attacking some students of the school. And it's been attacking the little ones that's why Xulian's father ordered her to clean-up the perimeter of the school.

This became a huge problem for her father since the students enrolling are getting lesser every month due to the location of the school that's a day travel of horse carriage from the nearest town. Now adding the problem of these rouge beasts no new students are coming for half a year. This results in less fund for the school.

Although they don't mind living a humble life, but still eating and daily necessities still involve money.

"Be alert! Focus on every tiny movement around you. Specially bloodlust and killing intent. This will also hone-up your senses and instinct!" said Xulian in a hushed but authoritative voice.

"Yes boss!"

'Chi! Chi!'

"Boss! Mountain Rabbits!" said one of the male student who seemed alarmed and frightened to the point of almost crying running towards them from west.

They separated in two groups to save time in encircling the school.

"Mountain Rabbits? That's one of the weakest beast in the mountain. Why are you so flustered?" Xulian frowned.

Mountain Rabbits are so weak that even just by learning basic martial arts you can beat them without breaking a sweat. What more this youth who is about twelve years old and has been training in the school for over five years.

"Boss, this is different. They are acting savaged! They are also in large quantity that even you kill one of them they don't feel fear and still would charge forward like flesh hungry monsters!"

"Damnit! On your fighting stance!" Xulian commanded. Hearing the rumbling of the ground she finally realize that this is no simple matter.

Every one of them pulled out their weapons varying from daggers, short sword, whip and spear.

"Don't think that they are only measly little rabbits. Treat them like the strongest beast you encounter and give it your all!"

"Yes boss!"

'Chi! Chi!'

From a distance they could finally see the herd of mountain rabbits running and jumping madly towards their direction. Looking carefully, they could see the appearance of the rabbits. Red eyes that look like it was spitting fire, they are baring their teeth mixed with foaming saliva and blood and their claws are protruding causing the ground and surrounding plants and trees to reduce in a sorry state.

These view will make ones' skin to crawl and blood turn cold. But these youths were not simple after all. They are after all martial artist who learned how to fight from the age of seven.

The moment the mountain rabbits are within reach the youths branded their weapons killing one rabbit after another. The fight seem endless since their numbers are not to be trifled with.

Looking at the rabbits in front of them, something flashed in Xulian's eyes.

"Be careful! Do not let them bite or scratch you! Give your all and no injuries are allowed!" Xulian warned them since based on her observation there is definitely not normal in the rabbit's appearance.

"Yes boss!"

Being a physician herself, she could clearly discern that getting in contact with the rabbit's saliva and scratches are harmful. Just by visual observation alone, she can see that these rabbits are showing signs of rabies. But seeing the quantity of the infected rabbits this is not a simple case of rabies. Their strength is also not something a sick animal should have.

Good thing that Xulian is also proficient in medicine because of the influence of her mother who is known as Wandering Miracle Doctor. Just as her title suggest, her mother was wandering between kingdoms all over the world treating illness for both rich or poor, nobility and royalties.

She's been wandering until she reached the age of 28 when he met her current husband who was 30 at that time. In their society, reaching such age but still unmarried was deemed humiliating.

But to the both of them they treat their jobs as their passion and never thought of marriage until they met each other when her father got injured and poisoned with less than half a chance to live while guarding a merchant of herbs and her mother is negotiating with the merchant for a huge order.

Xulian is considered a genius in medicine. Even much better than her mother. That is why when Xulian started to read at age of five, her mother decided to cultivate her daughter to be a physician and even poison master which she only learned but never practiced.

Now at the age of sixteen she leaned more than what her mother learned before. Coupled with the fact that they live in the mountain and she had a photographic memory her knowledge in herbs is unimaginable.

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