The Empress's Gigolo
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The Empress's Gigolo

Xiu Lijian

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What is The Empress's Gigolo

The Empress's Gigolo is a popular web novel written by the author Xiu Lijian, covering KINGDOM BUILD, MALE PROTAGONIST, TIME TRAVEL, COMEDY, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 6.8M readers with an average rating of 4.44/5 and 601 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 950 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a world where its inhabitants can destroy a city wall single-handedly, the empress has a kirin as her pet, and the imperial palace of Great Xia has a pool containing a dragon. There is also a Sword Mountain where spirit swords occasionally leave in search of a master . Bootlicking the empress, Ren Baqian ascended to the apex of life.  


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Sorry to burst your bubble girls but, isn't this a story whom a male is its protagonist? I mean, "The Empress' Gigolo"! See the apostrophe? Further more, the 'gigolo' word?! It means, a male escort or social companion who is supported by a woman in a continuing relationship; often living in her residence or having to be present at her beck and call----(wikipedia). So, just because the cover is a female doesn't mean she's the protagonist... sigh I want it to be a girl mc too 😔


I'm simply intrested because the protagonist is MALE. I'm tired of female protagonists. GIVE ME A SHAMELESS MC. AHHHHH! ALL HAIL THE MALE SHAMELESS PROTAGONISTS.


The cover's a trap! The cover's a trap! The cover's a trap! The cover's a trap! The cover's a trap! The cover's a trap! The cover's a trap! The cover's a trap! The cover's a trap!


Is everyone retarded in this review section? First of all, its not even that hard to catch the title: "Empress's gigolo" note the plural form referring to something that belongs to the empress. It is fine to not know the word Gigolo even though it is present in other languages (At least, Spanish which is my mother language) But even if you didnt get it on the title, is it that difficult to read the Synopsis? "Bootlicking the empress, Ren Baqian ascended the apex of his life" I think it is obvious the empress is not the MC. Read before commenting...


When I saw the cover, I was so excited because I thought the MC is a female but reality is cruel.The MC is not a female😢😢 instead a man because of the word GIGOLO in the title... I WANT FEMALE PROTAGONIST!~😤😱😭😭 but lets see.. I just hope deep inside of my heart its a FEMALE PROTAGONIST.


Website: Qidian CN Views: 5.2 Million Rating: 8.5/10 from 6363 readers Recommendations: 520 Thousand Chapters: ~689 No of Works by author: 2 (lvl 5 author) Above details are purely the statistics available at the time of posting. The stars indicate my expectations from the novel.


Hi everyone! I'm YH, one of the translators of The Empress's Gigolo. Hope all of you enjoy the story and yes, the MC is a male :) For those who are confused, the MC is the "gigolo" of the empress - which is exactly what the title is implying! We appreciate all the feedback we have gotten so far! Once again, thank you all for the support :)


Dumping some stones and stars here. Its better than all the other choices. Unfotunately not a female protagonist book. :^| ....................


And i thought the mc will be a female. A wishful thinking indeed. 💔 I just want another female mc 😭 almost all of the novel with female mc enters the premium 😭💔 the poor me can't afford those luxuries 💔


Acceptable, but not more than average. I dislike the excessive interaction with the modern world, hell, I hate the fact that he's even able to travel back and forth, I am especially disgusted with the fact that he's even introducing stuff from the fantasy world to the modern world and not only the other way around. He's kind of living a double life, so this novel is half on earth half in a fantasy world. The comedy is kinda subpar, it's really not that good. The mc himself is a somewhat worthless human being with no talents, no real courage and low intelligence, but he can succeed in life because he's capable of, that's right, pretending to be knowledgeable/amazing by using modern day information or magic world items, none of which has anything to do with him. He didn't even think twice before showing around some magic drugs in the modern world that can instantly(almost) heal injuries and trying to mass-produce and sell them, but of course there'll be no issues, since everyone is flowery retards in this world and nothing bad will likely ever happen. He can bring over everything he touches at the time of transfer which happens every three days on the dot, I guess he'll start bringing in guns, cars, modern farm equipment and even people later on, geez. The characters are quite flat, I don't feel as if they're living at all, they feel way too 2d. The world is similarly uninteresting. Overall, this is a novel that isn't worth reading, at least not for me. It's not the worst I've seen, but it's really not a novel that I'd waste my time on and I freaking read 1600 chapters of MGA before I got so fed up with that garbage I quit, so that says something. This novel has similarly flat characters and a mc with sh*t for brains(no offense), but it also a chaotic setting where "everything goes and everything just falls in place without any issues", I can already predict how stupid this story will be later on when he starts bringing more stuff between worlds. Maybe he'll bring an airplane or missile to the fantasy world and qilin or dragon to the modern world. Would be kinda interesting if he managed to bring a bunch of hydrogen bombs to the fantasy world and a lot of top-level fantasy creatures to the modern world, that way both worlds can experience the apocalypse at the same time and maybe this story would take a turn for the better :D


TAGS ...... -Transport Into Other World -Modern Knowledge -Smart MC -Male protoganist (NOTED) -Money Grubber -Business Minded MC -Adventure -Friendship -Brotherhood -Rank System -Kingdom Building (May be later)


I'm not changing this review until they fix this gay ass cover art. The rest of this review is just filler for the 140 character limit. Like this review if you agree!


Well... not sports... not short stories... has GIGOLO on the title... Yep... won my votes... xD I do wish there were more fmcs but if the she is strong and has a nice temper i don't mind her lover being the mc...


I'm really conflicted about this novel, at first I was expecting a somewhat original kingdom management with the mc's ability to go back and forth between Earth and the fantasy world plus the fact that unlike most similar themed novel the mc doesn't become a lord or a king but need to work for an empress. But I was disapointed after reading so much chapters since about 70% of the story is about him "strolling" in the new world and taking out already made modern item from time to time for his own use (so basically no "building / upgrade" on the kingdom part) 30% is about him "strolling" on Earth thinking about what food he is going to bring back in the other world. But one thing that is set in stone is that 100% of the time he is going to act like a mentally challenged person, doing his best to annoy everybody around him as well as frustrate the reader (for me at least that was the case) TL,DR : A novel that could have been good and interesting to follow but that is somewhat ruined because of character design and story development.


Empress gigolo Mmmmm... Another female protagonist can't wait to read it I just hope that they also have the novel The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss by Su Xiao Nuan


Dear Translator please resume your work. We are all thinking you got infected with corona and died since you went missing for so long. It would be nice to read the continuation of this story soon. 😭


I was drinking water when I click the latest chapter. I almost choke when I glance back when I saw the cover. Please change it back before it kill someone.


Its my first time writing a review, so here goes. The book really......doesn't have a definitive structure. I can't say its your typical xianxia, but I can say that its worse. Humour is really dry and the characters are just flat. This book was up against Nine Cauldrons which is much better than this, but still......this somehow won cause people do not know quality.


Seeing this new cover has made me extremely Dissappointed i liked the one they had Before Dhduchat sbxkdnndicsnxkrbjfosbeifdbfwibdicejclddneivhsbxidjeofnsnxidbsjcudhxixnwxisbshxuwdjdjsbxiend


Really looking forward to this novel. So far, 26 chapters in, we have the male MC who gets thrown between modern China and a feudal alternate world every three days. He can't control this, nor is there any reason given for his abilities. Time runs slower in the other world though, so when he spends three days there, ten have passed in China. Which leads to some problems when he gets thrown there without warning. The MC himself is super average. His only advantage is that he can look things up when he flips back into the modern world. Which is perfect, because I was getting tired of MCs that remember minute and obsolete production processes (I'm looking at you, Release the Witch, and the MC building a steam engine from scratch). He also can only bring between worlds items that are touching him when he travels. So there's no mass influx of items in either direction, but more of an exchange of ideas. Based on the title, I expect there to be romance at some point. By the way, the empress is a badass. There's no indication of a harem, but unfortunately you never know.


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