1 The lost battle

The injured army soldier come in to the black sandron palace when king was see the soldier he shock and he asked the soldier "where the whole army" afraid soldier said "he was kill our 500 soldier " king was shock . he said "what ! only one person killed whole army soldiers " soldier is hiding something from the king .when king was see the soldier eye . he ask "what happen soldier something is worng" . soldier said " majesty your son was still fight with him " king Said "what my son " king was get panic and immediately he go to the battle. when he saw that his son was killed by the sword man . king was totally angry said "you bastard I will kill you". but king 's one of the soldier said " no majesty his sword have a spirit of black dragon so no one can defeat him " king was call the Zena .he was memeber of sandron clan he also have a legendary sword . "who was the bastard I have to kill my katana is thirsty " Zena . king give the order to the Zena " see their was targeted kill him " . "oi sword man what your name "Zena said. sword man look him for his deadly deep black eyes . when zean seen into his eyes .he said" you have a spirit of black dragon " you monster . sword man said " get out of my way " Zena said "what you say " ." blade baster string shot attack " zaid said .sword man is blocked his attack and said "dead Devils eye " Zena was try to douch his attack but he hit by his attack .Zena is thinking " How can I defeat

him " sword man said "get out of my way " and Zena said" first tell your name " . so sword man tell his name" I am kera " and then Zena was simle and said you "will we finished kera ". I will seal you to your own sword" Zena . he prepared his attack but in time kera was come fast and cut his right arm so his attack is incomplete . and zena fall into the ground. kera is think he is

dead so he move forward. when he moved forward zena right arm join quickly and he said "seal sword spirit" . when Zena said his word in that time kera is seal in his own sword and fuse with dragon . when Zena was go to pick the kera sword his feel the sword was having in that no one can pick up the sword . pass the several centuries present day the arciologist get the information about a legendary sword no one can pick up only true hearted person can pick up sword . Now - the sword is kept with the ground with high security in the museum . Sword is not Stop finding his master .when it find his master. the World will be scared .

to be counted.

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