The Empire's Laziest Strategist Book

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The Empire's Laziest Strategist


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take a look at this passage from chapter 1 that thoroughly describes how MC sees himself: He is not a cruel or kind person. Good and evil means nothing to him, what's important is benefits and being able to enjoy his life. If he was born rich in his past life then he would surely indulge and just laze away happily however he was an orphan and to survive he had to be cruel and ruthless. When he went to college he thought that he would need to change, however he realized that he could still act like a bastard and get away with it so he did. Simple as that, he is not an angel or a devil, he is blank piece of canvass. He is whatever he needs to be at any given moment. He will do what he can to survive and of course to achieve his main goal in life : to laze around like a good for nothing son of a bitch.


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