The emperor lost his heart to her

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What is The emperor lost his heart to her

Read ‘The emperor lost his heart to her’ Online for Free, written by the author Sufei_official, This book is a History Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "You are married to me, you belong to me and in return you can have my heart and whatever that belongs to me". Does he t...


"You are married to me, you belong to me and in return you can have my heart and whatever that belongs to me". Does he thinks everybody is his toy he can play with? __________________ "If there is a thing to me that i love the most, i would say its you. I love you my angel." Little did she know the arrogant ruler of the entire subcontinent has such a gentle side of him. Before she could process her thoughts she was pulled into a kiss full of passion, so tender and so full of adoration towards her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello! This is my first time writing a novel with the least experience i've had. It may not be the best and i might do grammatical errors. I apologize for any mistakes so far or for the ones in future. This novel is purely based on my idea and creativity and has nothing to do with any historical figure or anyone in person. It is also not to hurt anyone's sentiments or feelings. Thank you for reading and have a nice day~ Edit:- I changed the name of the state Malagma to Malani because it sounded weird. Hope you enjoy reading! I'm trying to think of the best idea so that i can present before ya'll. You also can suggest me or tell if something is wrong or if I need to change anything in the comment section if you want. I'm trying also at the best of my ability and revising the updated chapters to give you the best. Hoping for the best!

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