The Emperor and the Knightess
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The Emperor and the Knightess


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What is The Emperor and the Knightess

Read The Emperor and the Knightess novel written by the author G.M on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The handsome Emperor falls in love with a Knightess! Knightess Poliana loses to the Acreian Army and despite her struggles to survive in a male infested military, she is now about to die. But then, the young king of Acreia sees her efforts and tells her: "I have a dream, I wish to conquer the world and become an Emperor, would you like to join me?"

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Love the comic version, so I am sure I will love the story even more... Amazing fl... not your typical love story with weak fl and ml saving her. in fact, slight role reversal, I think... fl is much stronger then ml. Love it!


I've been reading the webtoon/manhwa version and the plot is really good! It's a slowburn romance filled with comedy and military tactics (FL is really an ace knight). It's just cute how the emperor slowly falls for the boyish and loyal knight. Will look forward for updates!


Worth spending. I hope it updates soon. I started reading this in webtoon form and found out that it has a webnovel. The characters are not over bearing. They are not your typical ml and fl but, the way their relationship blooms is what got me hooked.


I wish that I could buy the whole novel already. I just can't wait for the updates anymore!!!!! Seriously please please please I just want to read this whole novel now 😭 I love it so much. Poliana why you so blind, my heart cannot take it 😭😑


Moving from the manhwa to here was a good move. The money was well spent.. The plot was good. The 100+ chapters were unnerving at first but the shortness of each chapter was weird (this was my first webnovel). I began to like this.. Now I lo ve it..


I love this story. It’s so detailed and in-depth but not in a boring way. I love all of it. The characters are so good. It’s really just wonderful and I look forward to every single chapter. Highly recommend.


Reveal spoiler


I really loved the story in the manga version and when I wanted to read it more in detail I started the web novel. I may love this even more because the details and story is so much more full now. I really love the MC and how fierce she is and unyielding. I really enjoy reading it.


There is no way I can move past the first actions of the ml. It just gross. I will try other books tbh. I really liked the FL, but knowing it's a romance I just don't want to deal with that.


I absolutely love this story and how its written. Though I did skip some parts cuz along the way I forgot the names of a few characters so I was like I Don’t remember them anyways so whats the use of reading this part 🤣🤣but overal, I really love the story and the strong Poliana. I highly recommend!!


The book started strong and interesting but after the war all I can read is the thought of the author stringing the reader with non sense plot and twist that slowly dragging away from storyline!!I I feel the story is on circle now!!!!


Filled with brutal rape scenes done to a 14 year old child. This "book" should be illegal. If you enjoy this you're disgusting and need help.


I first started reading this as a comic but then couldn't wait for the next chapters and ended up reading the novel....It was truly great and I loved how the main lead ended up with her own strong and determined goal and happiness...love it a lot...hope we get another great story from the author😍


Reveal spoiler


This is the best novel I have ever read in my life. I love the characters, the story, the context, it's just perfect. AMO A POL & LUCIUS I!! I recommend it 🖤


This novel was good but after the war the author struggle to come up with a good romantic writing, the storyline development became slow and the author seems love to write again and again ideas from the previous chapters.


It's no brainer why people wouldn't read this. 😋 I like it that the FL is a really strong character, people will could say anything about other FL but I mean, she REALLY is a STRONG character and I like that fact. I could say so many good things, but ugh my heart, I love her! 😍


I learn now the flow of story. The plot is good but the pace is too slow that an update makes me feel frustrating. I know the world background very much, the author narrate it very detailed. I feel more Acreian now these days. The updates are consistent daily but my problem is just I wish two chapters are released daily. I forgive this novel because it is hard to make it so due to translators' commitments.


The story is in chapter 207 and all we can read is all about the wife talk and other characters that are not the main character.It is sad how the author is dragging the storyline to smitteren.


Suka bangett sama novel ini. Karakter utama perempuan nya kuat dan bukan tipe wanita yg harus dilindungi, jalan cerita yg rasional dan terasa nyata. Ngga sabar untuk baca kisah selanjutnya, rasanya aku bisa baca novel ini berkali'. ><


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