1 Introduction

Emperor Min

-The rule said the scarred face heir/heiress is not allowed to take the throne.

-Since Yoongi is the only heir, all the ministry have no choice to give Yoongi his father's throne.

-After his parents' death, he taking care of his kingdom so well at a very young age. His strategy plan for the war is just so impressed.

-He have no friends espically his lovely 5 cousins who is live somewhere in his kingdom.

-He have a personal guard named Kim Taehyung, and also the son of the Ministry of Defence.

-Which mean, they also know about Yoongi sneaking out from the palace everyday.

-In the outside, he always show his cold personality and bitch face. But deep inside his heart, he have softest side in the world.

Ji Y/n

-Just a normal local people

-Everybody thinks she's a weirdo cuz she always white hanbok

-She live with her abusive father and her mother died due to heart failure.

-Since she's a weirdo to locals' eyes, she have no friends

-Everyday, she always go hunting by herself instead her father go hunting

-She's smart, sweet, beautiful and very talented

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