25 Respite in an Alleyway


Gamma watches as, after saying just that, Shadow falls silent in thought. There is a slight quiver of unease in her blue eyes.

Abruptly, a single tear spills out from the corner of her eye. Seeing that nostalgic violet magic had made her remember the past.

That violet light had been the start of Gamma's life.

If he hadn't been there, Gamma would have died off as a mere rotting pile of flesh. Cast away by her family, chased by her country, having lost everything, trapped inside a mire of pain and fear and despair. It was that young man who gave off that violet light who had saved her from all that. Gamma would never forget that violet light for the rest of her life. For Gamma, that is the light of life.

Life is imbued within that violet light. Previously, Alpha had told her so.

Gamma herself thinks so too – not because of any logical reason, but instinctively she knows that it is so.

That light is definitely not something that only heals surface wounds. It is something that reaches much deeper, something that heals the recipient's very life.

The moment Gamma was touched by that light, she experienced the feeling of something shackled inside her becoming free. Something important and precious that had been repressed was finally given freedom, and she had returned, in full, to who she truly was.

That day, Gamma was born again.

When she was given the name 'Gamma,' she resolved to dedicate her new life to Him.

But in contrast to her resolve, she turned out to be the weakest among the Seven Shadows. She was overtaken by those who came after her, lost innumerable times, crawled on the ground in defeat, and tasted humiliation again and again. Eventually, Gamma realized that no matter how much effort she put in, she would always remain the weakest.

So Gamma became depressed. What is the meaning of her existence? If the only thing she can do is get in everyone's way and look unsightly, then perhaps it would be better for her to just disappear.

But the day that she decided on this, for some reason He called her over. And then He began to talk of the 'Wisdom of the Shadows.'

A path different from the martial. A path of intellect.

Gamma clutched at the Wisdom of the Shadows with all she had.

Knowing that this is her only way to live, she single-mindedly poured her life into reproducing the Wisdom.

With hindsight, she realizes that he had seen through everything. Gamma's internal struggle as well as her rightful path, it is because he knew it all that he bestowed the Wisdom upon her.

What Gamma felt at the moment of realization was heart-rending pain.

It tore her heart her as she thought of how lonely He must feel, being in a place so high up as to be unreachable.

Is the existence of Gamma even necessary to Him?

The moment she thought about it, tears welled up from Gamma's eyes.

But this is why she will wipe her tears and work harder.

She will make Shadow Garden bigger and stronger, she will nurture it into an organization truly worthy of His name. And when she does, then surely... this is the thought that fills her.

"I see, so that's what it is."

His voice draws Gamma back to reality.

"I have a lead. I'll look into it on my side."

Upon hearing that sagacious voice that seems to know everything, Gamma's chest tightens.

Would she again be of no help at all this time?

He is always able to arrive at the answer with only a tiny bit of information. How easily he grasped a lead that even she, after mobilising all her subordinates, could not.

However, Gamma does not give up.

Some day... to be recognized by Him some day, she had decided to never give up.

"Nyuu, come."

She calls over the subordinate with dark brown hair who had guided Him in today.

"This is Nyuu. Number 13 of the Numbers."


He looks at Nyuu with narrowed eyes. In those sharp pupils of His, probably every aspect of Nyuu's strength has already been analyzed and seen through.

"Though it has not been long since she's joined us, she possesses strength that is recognized by even Alpha-sama. Please use her freely for miscellaneous tasks or for communication or anything else."

"My name is Nyuu. It will be my honor to serve."

Nyuu's voice is slightly shaking with nerves.

"I'll call you if the need arises."

"Yes, my lord."

Nyuu backs away with lowered head.

"Well then, it's about time for me to go back."

So saying, He stands up.

"Oh, right. I want to buy some chocolates. It would be great if I can have the cheapest one at a friend discount and marked even cheaper."

"We shall prepare the the highest quality item immediately."

"Umm... how much would that be then?"

"Friend discount is 100% discount."

"100% discount... you mean it's free? Lucky me! Ah, then please give me 3 portions."

"As you wish."

When He puts in effort to be a common person as Sid Kagenou, Gamma finds even that to be charming.


"This is bad, we won't make it in time for curfew!"

"It's because Sid-kun was late!"

"I already said sorry! I got you guys the chocolates, didn't I?"

The three of us are running through the royal capital after the sun has already set.

Though I did indeed come out a bit late, Hyoro and Jaga were also very insistently questioning me about the placard lady. Nyuu, was it? Well anyways, I somehow gave them the slip with random vague answers.

But still.

I didn't expect Alexia to really become an indiscriminate slasher. If it's not Delta, then she's the only other person that I can think of. The moment I heard the details from Gamma, I realized that she's finally gone and done it.

Despite her blessed lot in life as a princess, what is it that would drive her this far...

The female heart is a mystery.

But well, I don't think that being an indiscriminate slasher is that bad a life. Isn't it fine that some people are simply like that?

But it's an altogether different story to use the name of our Shadow Garden.

Unfortunately, that is something that I cannot forgive.


"Hey, did you guys hear that?"

"No, what was it?"

So discusses Hyoro and Jaga while running ahead.

It seems the two of them did not hear it clearly, but I caught it nice and clear.

It is the sound of sword against sword.

Far away, a fight is taking place.

I stop.

"Oi, what's the matter?"

"They're going to close the gate!"

After a brief while, Hyoro and Jaga notices and also stops.

I point at an alleyway.

"I gotta take a dump."

Hyoro and Jaga both have a "is this guy for real?" face on.

"If I don't do it here now, I'm going to leak while running."

"That... does sound pretty serious."

"So it's a question of curfew or dignity."

Their faces turn serious.

"Leave me behind and go on ahead. I don't want to be seen by anyone..."

"!! Got it, we'll never tell anyone that you became late because of shitting outdoors!"

"No matter what anyone says, Sid-kun's choice was the right one... I truly believe so!"

"Can't hold on any longer... quick, go!"

"Sid... we will never forget you!"

"Sid-kun... despite the outdoor shitting, we'll always be friends!"

"Go, you must gooooo!!!"

The two of them turn their heels and run off.

After seeing them off, I enter the alleyway, then make my way towards the sound of fighting.

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