11 Conflict is Entertaining When You Are Uninvolved

"So wide..."

I could not help but to say that out loud the moment I stepped into Royal Capital Bushin Style Group 1's classroom.

Within the area of a gigantic stadium, aside from the changing rooms, there are also baths, a bar, and several other amenities. Even the doors are automatic (maid powered).

Incidentally, the classroom of Group 9 is outdoors, be it rain or shine. No doors, thus no need for maids.

In order to not get tangled with, I change at super speed, then stayed in a corner to wait for Alexia.

After a short while.

"Let's loosen up a bit first, shall we?"

Alexia in a dougi enters the scene.

The one for girls is a long dress with a deep slit, very much like an unadorned China dress. The color of hers is black. Bushin Style uses color to show proficiency – black is for the best, white is for beginners.

Mine is of course white. I am the only white in this whole classroom. I stick out like a sore thumb.

Ignoring the stares composed of 70% hostility and 30% inquisitiveness, I start doing some light stretches.


Says Alexia while copying what I'm doing.

In this world, the idea of loosening up before exercising is well known, but the way to do so has not been established, so everyone kinda just does it their own way.

Those who do sports but underestimate the importance of stretching would definitely destroy their body. In this world, magic can perhaps somehow take care of such such injuries, but there would still be an effect on performance.

On this, Alexia is actually quite conscientious, which is laudable. I, too, am extremely conscientious when it comes to anything related to combat. I have as much confidence as I do in the taste of that drink that I always drank at the East Coast.

(T:N: I have no idea what this is a reference to.)

After a short while, class begins.

"Today onwards, a new friend will be joining us."

Was the way that the teacher in charge introduced me.

"My name is Sid Kagenou. I will be in everyone's care."

Then came the barrage of stares from people who absolutely are not thinking of me as a friend.

Aah, as expected of Group 1. Just by taking a quick glance around, I see super important people here and there. That ikemen over there is the second son of a Duke's family, that beauty is the daughter of the current leader of the Magic Swordsman Knight Order, and even the class instructor is our country's Swordsmanship Instructor. He is even a blond ikemen and merely 28 years of age.

"Everyone, get along well."

After which then began practice.

Starting from magic control through meditation, all the way to basic training like practice swings.

Good, this is good. The basics are important. In Group 9, we only did a short time of practice swings before everyone started just banging their swords against each other. Guess the truly strong really do understand what's what.

Everyone here seems high level, so this is honestly a really good environment.

Above all else, this Royal Capital Bushin Style is one that makes a lot of sense. It's wonderful that every ounce of effort poured into it would never go to waste.

"Do you like the Royal Capital Bushin Style?"

So asks the blond ikemen while approaching me. If I remember correctly, his name is Zenon Griphi.

"Do I look like I do?"

"Oh yes, you look like you enjoy it very much."

In response to my answer, Zenon-sensei gives a refreshing laugh.

"As you probably already know, Royal Capital Bushin Style is a new branch off of Bushin Style. Traditional Bushin Style was originally already the most popular style in our country, so the reformed Royal Capital Bushin Style had a strong start. Then with the patronage of Princess Iris, it became the second most popular style in this country, behind only the traditional Bushin style."

"I've heard that Sensei is also quite an influential proponent of the style."

"What I've done is insignificant in comparison to what the princess has done. But even so, I feel like I was a part of nurturing Royal Capital Bushin Style to where it is today. That's why when I see someone else liking this style, I get so happy that I can't help myself. Sorry for interrupting your practice."

With that, Zenon-sensei goes off to watch the other students. I, too, fully understand how he feels. I like seeing Alpha and the girls swinging my sword. My sword is something that I had built up myself, so the feeling of being recognized when seeing someone else use it is an exceptional kind of happiness.

"What were you two talking about?"

So asks Alexia.

"About Royal Capital Bushin Style."

"Fuun. Anyways, it's mass next, so let's pair up."

'Mass' refers to light practice of actual fighting forms.

The point is to confirm the feeling of using certain techniques and parries, all without actually touching your opponent.

"Isn't our mastery too far apart?"

"Won't be a problem."

So we take a stance across from each other with our wooden swords.

I make a move, which Alexia parries.

Then she makes a move, which I parry.

The attacks don't land, and our movements are slow.

Neither are we using any magic.

Around us are several pairs fully utilizing magic and whamming each other fiercely, but to my surprise Alexia is matching along with me.

No, rather than matching along with me... This might be what she normally does. Mass is ultimately the confirmation of techniques, so there is absolutely no need for speed nor strength. She has a firm eye on the true intended purpose of this training.

This can be seen just from looking at her sword.

Her older sister, Princess Iris, is praised for her strength to heaven and back by absolutely everyone in this country. Genius, wizard, every single person has a different word to praise her with. At the moment, she is even said to be the strongest in the entire country.

On the other hand, the reputation of Alexia is not so good. She has magic, and her sword is honest, but she simply pales in comparison to her sister. This is the valuation of Alexia shared by the general populace.

But now that I'm here standing opposite her, I realize that her sword is a pretty good sword in and of itself.

Faithful to the basics, firm foundation, and plain.

Yes, it's plain. But that plainness is the crystallization of her effort. After everything useless is removed, then the rest is just her continuously building upon her foundation, step by step.

Delta, take a good look at this.

I couldn't help but to mentally call out to that beast person girl who swings a sword that I find hard to acknowledge.

"Nice sword."

So says Alexia.


"But I don't like it."

So she's the type to bring you up before dropping you.

"It's like I'm looking at myself. Let's stop."

So saying, she begins to wrap up. Seems like class is almost over anyways.

Against general expectations, I was able to safely get through the class without anything untoward happening. Let's quickly clean up, get changed, then dash back at full speed…..

"Wait a second."

Or not.

Alexia grabs me by the scruff of my neck and drags me somewhere.

"So this is your answer?"

For some reason, we have come to Zenon-sensei.

"Indeed. I've decided to go out with him instead."

"You can't keep running away like this indefinitely. You know that, right?"

So asks Zenon-sensei with severe eyes.

"Us children don't understand the circumstances of adults."

Says Alexia with a 'hohoho' laugh.

Based on this conversation, I've finally understood most of what's going on. The reason why I was brought here, and the reason why she decided to go out with me.

While praying earnestly that I won't be dragged in, I turn myself into air and merely watch these two protagonists having their event.

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