The Elven Queen Of Minotaurs Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Elven Queen Of Minotaurs


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The witty, beautiful, and mischievous Princess of Elves is loved by every soul that touches her. She cherishes her life that she shares in her small Valley of Elavia but all of that is altered when the King of Elavia deceives the King of Minotoria, the Kingdom of Minotaurs and they rage war against the defenseless, naïve kind. One day she is playing around on her grass-wrapped veranda and the next she finds herself condemned to a stake to be sacrificed to The Great Dragon of the King. Just when she thinks her life couldn’t be any worse the fiercest of beast bows in front of her. The faithful beast of the King who didn’t heed to anyone but him bows to her! The following occurrence brings her into the King’s sight and he demands the eminent beauty to be presented in his court where she fights for her Kingdom, getting far more than she demanded. And her conquest includes the prevalent and the fiercest Kingdom in all lands and the brutal King who is whipped by her! Followed by her survival, she is given trial after trial in her new life where she has to adjust to the vicious and cruel lives of Minotaurs that go against her whole constitution! Will she survive the hardships and diversity of another untamed, wild Kind or will she perish in the ranks like her own kind?


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