The Elf Prince Revival

Author: Kage007
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What is The Elf Prince Revival

Read ‘The Elf Prince Revival’ Online for Free, written by the author Kage007, This book is a Sci-fi Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, MAGIC Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: “I am going to restore the elven empire,”- MarcelThe words dictate Marcel, an elven boy who has been locked out of norma...


“I am going to restore the elven empire,” - Marcel The words dictate Marcel, an elven boy who has been locked out of normal society for his ancestor's sins. Marcel's journey starts as a young boy shackled by society's wishes for the death of the elven people and with little sympathy, Marcel must fend for himself in this world. When he is suddenly thrust in a secret war his destiny is revealed, he overcomes perils, betrayals, cowardice, and most of all understand his destiny as the one to save the elven people and recreate the elven empire. "In this life, where the races unite and the prejudice increases; and the land of greed conquers, the reincarnation shall appear," (The Prophecy, Page 7, The Prophet)

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I appreciate your writing style, particularly the narrative techniques you employ to convey the story and create an immersive world for the reader. Your novel exudes a distinct medieval atmosphere that is truly captivating. Although it is somewhat dark, I find that this tone is well-suited to the themes and style of the novel, and I thoroughly enjoy it!


This is very nice and well written novel. The wordings and the descriptivity is amazing... the story is alright as well, but the writing! If this gets more chapters this has the potential to boom. keep it up author!


Interesting story so far and so forth. It is descriptive and planned well. There are places which can be improved, for example, some sentences might break the reading flow at once. They might be pretty complicated to get at first. Other than this and some typos, I think the story is awesome. I would suggest you re-read the chapters before publishing them, it helps a lot. Great work author! Looking forward to more chapters.


Shameless review here but you gotta give your own story five stars. This is the beginning of my story and writing quality might not be it for now but I hope later on it can improve. Hope you all stay for the future of my story.


I enjoyed reading this novel, the plot is more than great and kept me reading chapter after chapter. The characters are designed well and it's evident that the author put in a lot of effort into designing the main character. Only complaint which I personally don't mind but is an area which could use some improvement is the writing quality. There are very few spelling errors however there were a number of places where there was a better way of writing some sentences. If you have some time author, I would recommend going back and reading through the chapters and looking for any way certain phrases could be said better. I personally did not mind reading the novel however I am just offering a method of improvement. Overall a very good read and can't wait for more chapters.


Cool story! The plot is unusually entertaining and enjoyable. The writing quality may be lacking a bit, but the character design makes up for it. The cover art is really catchy, too.


It's a cool story so far (I'm on Origin 4). There's some typos here and there so maybe author needs a second eye to gloss over their work. Worldbuilding is exciting and the writing style is descriptive, which suits more adult readers. I'd love to see where the rest of the story is going! One note - perhaps the cover art could be something more attractive and vibrant :) Keep it up!


Love the depth of the story and the main character. Very excited for the future of this story and for more chapters of this story to come out in the future. Great writing skills and descriptive language make it an amazing read.


On another acc here but found this story on my other acc and since i'm logged out(lol) I still kind of want to review this story. This story is really god ad descriptive, main character is an absolute favorite and love how fleshed out he is. Great potential for this story.


Liking the story so far. An Elf Protag is still a bit new for my taste but a welcome one. Similar to the others, the writing quality needs a bit more improvement, but it has a great potential.


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