The Elementals Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Elementals


Ongoing · 19.9K Views


Sometimes danger is the safest option. In a world where monsters are on the prowl, the Elementals are considered heroes to mankind. But when a devastating war leads to the loss of hundreds, the Elementals are forced to retreat and recover. In other words—they’re scrambling. Robin knew she wasn’t normal. But not being normal is different than supposedly being part of a mysterious group of people who call themselves the Elementals. And when she starts to discover blank spots in her past that shouldn’t be there, it’s pretty much one catastrophe after another. Cole considers himself an underdog. So do the rest of the Elemental—except an odd girl who he stumbles across one day. At first, he likes her—after all, it’s not every day you find a lone Elemental who somehow survived in the urban jungle of humans and knows even less than you do. But soon after his great discovery, he’s whisked into an adventure that he never wished for.

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