1 The Journey

"Why did you kill her..." the boy said with a whispery voice and a tear dripping from his eyes.

"It's the only way" the demon replied with a frown in his face.

The boy screamed in anger and despised all the demon.

"THERE'S ANOTHER WAY I KNOW THERE IS. IT'S TO KILL YOU! I'LL KILL EVERYONE OF YOU!". The boy shouted angrily and is shaking because of his hate towards the demon.

The boy then ran towards the demon with his sword pointed and ready to kill.

"I'm sorry young one." The demon sadly whisphered to himself.

The demon teleported to the boy's back and slashed his head off.

"Rest in hell, young warrior."


I am Dark Oorgari, I am a half demon. I was born and raised in the Melorune Church.

Nobody accepted me because people were scared that I might have inherited the evil side of a demon.

Even so, the Church adopted me, let me in their homes and gave me food in exchange of me helping around the church.

People always hated me and looked at me like I'm a monster because they thought that I will become an evil demon, so no one ever dared to talk to me or get close to me but the Priest.

The Priest taught me a lot about this world and about 'God' but I don't believe in such I just didn't tell the priest that I do not think a God exist.

The Priest even told me to stay safe and do not let the demon in me take in, because demons are evil creature and will haunt the world someday.

But he is wrong. Demons are not evil, demons are just like human with an appearance of an evil spirit, well that's what I think anyway and I'll prove them wrong.

One day the Priest asked me to take care of the library so I did, but time got to me and I became bored so I started reading books.

I read something about magic and stuff and started getting interested so I read until the Priest came back and caught me reading the books.

The Priest looked at the book and smiled and asks me "Do you want to know more about magic?". My eyes shined and happily replied with a "YES!".

The next day the Priest woke me up and told me that he enrolled me to a magic school named Anthrorled Academy that's located in a village near me named Annuct Village.

I happily thanked the Priest and told me to get ready because I'm leaving in an hour.

I never really went outside of our Church's reach so I never knew what's the outside world was like so I was excited and packed in my stuff.

After I packed the Priest hugged me and says good bye to me, he says "Come back one day, once you are strong." then I reply "Yes! I'll do my best", and then joked afterwards with a "Just hope girls aren't too cute there because I might get distracted." We both laughed.

Then the Priest bid me farewell and I left.

And here I am..

"Why did I think that walking is a good idea. The priest even offer me a ride.. ughh". Dark said while gasping for breath.

Dark took a break and sat under the tree for shade and stared at the sky. Something flashed and Dark got startled and looked around.

Then a woman with a carriage passed Dark, she then stop and asks

"Hey, what are you doing here? This is a dangerous road!".

"Oh, ergh, uhh, I'm sorry, Well you see, I don't have a ride and I walked all the way from Melorune Church to here that's why I'm resting for a bit, soo.." Dark said while scratching his head and laughing.

"Is that so.. then hop in, let me take you to where you're going." the woman offered.

"No, no I'm fine walking" Dark refused.

"It's fine just hop in.." the woman replied.

"Well okay then, Lady. Thank you for your help, my name is Dark".

The woman smiled

"Dark? that's a pretty dark name huh? My name is Tera, nice to meet you Dark".

"So what are you doing in the road there? You planning to die?" Tera said with a serious look on her face.

"Well, you see, I was just on my way to Annuct Village but I don't have any horses or anything" Dark replied to Tera then laughed after.

"You do know that THAT road is filled with demon asassins, right?" Tera said in a scary face.

Dark just nervously laugh and stood silent.

Tera looked at him smiling and asks "So, why are you going to Annuct Village? Lucky you I was just on my way there myself."

Dark replies, "Well the Church told me that they enrolled me to a Magic School, I remember it's named Ant..Thorned?.. Academy".

"I see it's Anthrorned Academy, I'm a teacher there" Tera laughs and says "Looks like we're gonna meet again huh?".

"Yeah!" Dark replied happily.

hours later..

"Look there' it's the gate, were close" Tera said.

Dark gets so excited that his eyes were shining, he's happy to see another place other than what's near the church.

As soon as they get closer to the village a loud explosion and a massive fire in the Village was seen.

Tera and Dark was shocked that the village...

The village is being attacked by Demons...

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