1 Chapter One

Maya quickly ducks behind some ruble to come up with a plan, Standing in front of her were three Demi-Human. The one on the left was short with old worn down clothing and a thug like posture like in gangster movies, He had a hook like nose and a set of fierce almond shaped eyes. If one were to take a closer look they would notice that his eyes faintly glowed a dark green, Darker than dying leaves during fall. The one on the right was obese and had spikes coming out of him from every inch making him look like a mace sporting the average fat man look he had a plain black shirt on with over stretched sweatpants that look as if they were about to burst then finally the middle Demi-Human was the only female. There was not much to her other than her abnormally large chest and a well rounded rump, Maya couldn't help but drool at the sight. "Hey, Hey Maya are you deaf?" Maya immediately broke free from the daze she was in. She looked behind her to find her childhood friend, Eve Hughes a slim albino with long wavy hair and beautiful green eyes, She wore a sweater and jeans that complimented her thighs quite well. She looked at Maya "we need to find the rest of our group" Eve said with a hint of worry "they have Danni, I'm pretty sure they are fine" Maya said with confidence then proceed to move to the next batch of rouble and said "We have an opening, if we strike from above we can take them down quicker. on my signal go around back and spring an attack" Eve just nodded. Maya raised her arm up with only her pointer finger and middle finger sticking out from her hand. Then something happened, from her wrist and up turned a lightning blue-yellow and she slammed her hand down from its high spot and lightning struck the three Demi-Humans and Maya yelled "NOW"