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The Drifter Era


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Within a messed-up world, Zaily, who was born on government run slave farm, finds herself within a life that she was never meant to be a part of. Throughout her travels, she invents a frag container, a disguised black hole, which helps her remain free. As Zaily interacts with others, she finds two people who want to be her family, yet she can only think of them as her owners. Zaily begins to experience conflicts that tear her apart at her foundation. After her family realizes Zaily considers them as her masters, their final order makes her question and cling onto the only thing she knows, being a slave. Behind the seen content if you want to learn more https://www.webnovel.com/book/liz-tragedy_21794785805731905 R-18 after chapter 80 Book two (The Drifter Era ) synopses Zaily and Shazic go back in time to the days of The Drifter Era Where Earth still existed and a hidden time travel war rages on   Where TTRG struggled to keep hold of the current future As Zaily and Shazic take no sides nor care. While they share the same body, struggling to deal with one another as they  wandering around through the Drifter Era jumping through time as fugitives with utter ignorance.   Zaily who is unwilling to let go of her former slave self only to cling onto the thread of odd fulfilling  stupid slave order that her mom gave her out of sheer anger. So her Slave daughter would stop mutating her own body and not fall prey to a new master after they passed away. While Zaily keeps her pride as a loyal slave, built her unique way of life around her mistress's last order that she was to become a sadistic monster. However, now she has to put up with a sad and depressing split-personality who calls himself Shazic that hates everything she stands for.   Meanwhile, Shazic was created out of stress because Zaily couldn't deal with being in a boy body after being change into one and put into a TTRG moon school. He made a deal with Zaily when he was about to fade away. Now Shazic is stuck trying to put up with a naked psychopathic girl who only wants to live in her messed up so-called slave loyal pride wishes of what she calls fun.  Shazic is lost between hate and depression struggling to find a new path while being bound in the same body of a crazy.     Thank you for reading the prelude of my main book.  I hope the see you all in the next  longer and more crazy adventure part of that is to come where they actually go to the drifter era. 


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