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I found this positively gripping, from the impressive fight scenes to the smooth dialogue. I felt like I could see through their vision and touch what they could feel. A save to my ever growing library. Even though I spotted a few missing commas, I was surprised to learn I didn’t find myself thrown out of the immersion. Hence, why 5 stars for writing quality ! The MC is a well-designed character with a temper to boot, but her boldness and tenacity is what made me truly like her. Nothing to say about the plot as it is unique ! Please continue this, your 4 years of hard work has payed off immensely, and I hope to see this gem of a novel become famous !


Well well well...looks like I'm writing a review, huh? This story has been in the works for over four years and has been changed a number of times. I've considered stepping away from it, but I am so attached to the characters and storyline that I can't let this project go even if I have no motivation to write for it. My main reason for why this is my favorite piece I'm working on is the MC herself. Arwen Hawthorne is an unruly girl with a taste for battle and a tendency to swear like a sailor. Someone as reckless as she fits very well in the fast-paced universe known as the Dreamscape, but due to her resentment toward accepting fate, Arwen finds herself struggling to get a grip on reality. Nevertheless, she puts her best foot forward the moment she realizes she is needed as an Oneiroi soldier and begins her new life in another world. I am still working on adding visuals, but I will guarantee you that the weaponry and tech in this story is part of what makes it so exciting to write. "The Dreamscape: One" combines a cyberpunk setting with elements of horror, action, and mythology to create a comedic origin story of a morally grey heroine. Still not convinced? Well then, I'll have to show you the story's top tier waifus some other time. For the meanwhile, why don't you give this a read?


Hmmm novel cover is pretty. Really digging the idea of dreams. Not sure if I'm particularly interested in where the novel is going. Feels like 1 long prologue so far.


After reading a few chapters, I can confidently say that you know how to write. Besides, you pay attention to the language. You don't struggle, like most of us, not English speakers, with tenses, style or grammar. It's your advantage over the rest, use it well! The plot is addictive, the characters are expressive. Everything is in place. You're doing a great job.


I shall proudly say without shame that this is an amazing book thus far. If you are reading this review and are looking for a book with gripping scenes which nicely establishes tension, then give this a read. Author, DO NOT GIVE UP ON THIS BOOK. Even when it seems like it is failing just keep at it. It just needs recognition. The writing quality is hot, descriptions and scenes are extremely vivid and the development of the story is legit. I'm your first collection so far and I intend to stay a collection so continue with your work. Great job and good luck with the rest. You shall find me in your comments every now and then.💯💯