The Dreams Of A Lost Soul Book

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The Dreams Of A Lost Soul


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Follow my adventures through the land of dreams to navigate untouched worlds and uncover dream law. We'll meet people we've never seen before. We'll see strange worlds too. We might even find the meaning of dream life. The possibilities of dreams are endless so I want to dream everything if I can. I want to see dangerous and loyal creatures, kingdoms as mighty as Camelot itself, friends I never knew I'd met before... before I started dreaming! Also this is a new novel so give me tons of feedback to work with for your benefit. Consider showing me some early support to write this too! If you like short stories then these are going to be a little like that but with a main goal in mind alongside having the same protagonist visiting every world. After all, they are MY dreams! To those who care about knowing whether these are real dreams or not, they are based off of my dreams but sometimes I will describe things in greater detail or use artistic license to write a better story. They come from a physical dream journal I write in as soon as I wake up so I can remember details later. This also means less has to be made up or improved on. The darkness is an actual thing I fight in my dreams too.


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