1 Where am I!?

Last night was just like any other night...

I went to sleep just like I had done many times before, but, something happened!

I woke up to a world of darkness

There was not even a whisp of light

I don't know how much time has passed

And while I was trying to stay calm, my surroundings were starting to become visible

I saw an empty room, there was nothing in there...

No bed, no other furniture , not even a window!

I was so scared I couldn't move at all

Soon, the door opened and two strange creatures came in.

They were very tall, almost twice the height of an average man; their skin had a weird purple color;

Big faces with pitch black eyeballs; they had no lips, but instead just a slit where the mouth was supposed to be; the nose was also missing; big pointy ears to the side of their faces.

They were wearing deep red uniform-like clothes with a strange shiny oval pin in the middle.

They were carrying what seemed to be a tablet.

When they entered the room, neither one of them made a sound, they were just staring at me.

I could not understand what was going on, I had never seen creatures like these before, I was just waiting to see what would become of me, too scared to even try asking anything

They stood in the same spot for what seemed like hours

Just looking at me, not making a sound, not moving

Soon, they started moving really slowly , they were probably trying to not scare me, just like hunters do when they encounter a wild animal.

They came closer and closer, until there was only one step distance between us, neither was making any sound.

They maintained that distance and one of the creatures extended the tablet-like device he was holding in his arms, waiting for me to take it.

I extended my arm and accepted it, looking warily at them...

What I saw on that screen puzzled me even more..

There were a series of odd characters on it, nothing I could understand

I looked back at them and then again at the screen, and finally gave back the device to the creature that offered it to me

I did not know if I could be understood, but I decided to try and communicate with them

- "hello?"

- "..."

They were looking at each other, and then at me,

It was obvious they could not understand what I had just said.

Then it was their turn to "speak"

But out of their lip-less mouths came a very strange noise.

It was going to be very hard understanding each other.

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