It was a violent morning when the war between Ruvanians and Amberians had started. They were the worst of enemies. Ruvania had prepared an attack on Amberia. So the Ruvanians started attacking them with many troops. They also succeeded in breaking the Amberian border.

Due to huge blasts many Amberian soldiers were supposed to die but it seemed as if they were alerted before and none died. Then after a few minutes of the blast, the Ruvanian National Security Council was alerted that the information about the war had leaked a few hours ago.

They were informed that their most trusted major Sergeant Mr. Alexander who was working in the army intelligence from 10 years had leaked the following information. As Mr. Alexander was experienced he was placed in the war as the head of Army intelligence. There was an Order made that Alexander should be fired from the (RNSC) Ruvanian National Security Council.

The RNSC head Jack, immediately informed Alexander to reach their headquarters. Alexander immediately rushed to the headquarters as he thought that something serious had happened. So he reached the headquarters and swiped his card at the entrance. But for his surprise his card wasn't working. So he called the office staff to open the door. The office staff called Jack. Jack opened the door. Alexander asked "Jack what is the matter and why isn't my card working". "Your card isn't working because you are fired," Jack replied. "What! Am I fired? Are you kidding Jack" asked Alexander. "Stop acting smart. Don't you know about the information leaked from your computer? "What from my computer!" exclaimed Alexander.

"Enough" shouted Jack. "You are fired, take your belongings and get out" shouted Jack. Alexander took all his belongings and went back home in sorrow. After he went home and checked his emails he was surprised to know that the information had really leaked from his account. He was completely sure that he hadn't leaked the information.

James who was the army director was also suspended for 5 years as the mails that were leaked said that he was also involved in the crime. James was disappointed and also displeased with Alexander. So James went to Alexander's home to interrogate him about how he was involved in the certain information leakage matter.

James reached Alexander's home and rang the bell. Alexander opened the door. Alexander welcomed James saying "come in James, how are you doing" James came in without replying. Alexander was surprised seeing his attitude.

"How am I involved in the data leakage matter, how dare you to put my name in the email which was leaked, Alexander?" questioned James. Alexander replied "I don't even know how it was leaked from my computer, James." "Don't lie Alexander".

"No I am not lying" replied Alexander. "Then what is the proof that indicates that you did not send the information from your desktop." asked James.

"I wasn't home for the whole day," said Alexander.

"What? Weren't you home for the entire day? Then where were you?" asked George

"I was in the office and working and came home around 5:00 am, the next day, and the email was sent around 6:13 pm, the previous day.

How could I send an email from the desktop at my home, when I wasn't home?

"Ok, now I understand, someone came to your home while you were not present and has sent the information. He also has inserted my name in the email, so that I could be interfered in this matter."

James and Alexander set out to the office to prove their innocence and also carried a letter which they found near the laptop which said

"I am a proud Amberian here to destroy Ruvania

Find me if you can if I was born on 9th day of Christ's birth month"

"There are hundreds of people born on 9th December" said James.

"But only a few are from Amberia" said Alexander.

The authorities believed them and asked some people to search for all people from Amberia and with the birth date of 9th December.

At 6 in the evening the people who were sent to search came up with only one name. It was a man named George and surprisingly he was the Head of RNSC. He was accused and many proofs were found against him. After his trials he was sentenced for 20 years in prison.

After a week Alexander went to meet George in his prison after taking permissions from the newly appointed head of RNSC

"It was you all the time. You were the one who leaked the data and framed me"

"How did you find out" asked Alexander.

"These bars give a man time to think" said George "You scheduled the data to be leaked on a day I was on leave and asked one of your friends to leak the data and left that note so that I was the suspect"

"I never lied, in the note I wrote my own birth date and as you know I am from Amberia"

"Since you proved that you were in office all along no one suspected you" said George.

"But why did you do this?" asked George.

"I hope you remember Benjamin mason" asked Alexander.

George's face turned pale at the mention of his name, he recalled his past

"He was my father" scoffed Alexander.

"Twenty years ago you had my father put behind the bars with charges of being an Amberian spy though you knew he was not. I have been waiting for twenty years to take this revenge on you"

"You know very well that I couldn't have done anything. Your father never forgave me. I have lived in that guilt forever." George said.

"What about James?" he asked.

"He was removed from his post and he is on probation for a year."Alexander said.

"But why James?" asked George.

"Five years ago James had bribed the government to be promoted as the chief of RNSC. Before him bribing a man named Robert Douglas was to be appointed but later he was told that he could try next time. So he joined me in doing this and now he is the new chief of RNSC" said James.

"That was a hell of vendetta"

"Sir your ten minutes are up" called the prison officer.

"It's time for me to leave and hope you enjoy your time behind the bars" said James and left.

* Amberia and Ruvania are fictional countries.