1 Intro

I sat kneeling before master, an old man in bright orange robes. Smiling at me sadly he said in the quiet way he does,

"Bunko, it is time for you to leave the monastery." I froze for a moment before snapping into my alert mode.

"Why master?" He let out a little sigh and said,

"Child, it seems your father wishes for you to return home. He has summoned you form the monastery." I was actually shocked, the bastard father of mine had never shown kindness towards me in my life and with the influence of the head madam I had been sent away to this monastery for six years. In the beginning I had been filled with resentment and hate but the monkeys here taught me how to live my life to the fullest with what I had been given. I coldly nodded and said,

"Master, you will always have a place in my heart, everyone in the monastery will. I have greatly enjoyed my time here and I will miss this place greatly." My voice got hoarse as I spoke until my eyes were shining with unshed tears and my throat hurt. My master gave me his kind smile which spoke of volumes of sadness.

"My disciple, you will walk a narrow and dangerous path but remember to never do something that you wouldn't be able to live with." I grinned at him then, and that's when the tears finally started.

"Do you think I would let someone change me. I am the great and mighty Bun-Bun!" I had a wide smile on my face and I couldn't stop smiling. My master took a long look at me and then laughed out loud. And said,

"I think some people at the monastery won't miss you though." I grinned and said,


"Your poor juniors who have been defeated by you." I grinned and flexed my fists and said,

"I'll have to come back some time to defend my title has the most awesome student." he grinned and then there was a lull in the conversation, our little moment of joking had passed and we were now sitting in silence. Tears still trickled down my face, turning my eyes bright red. I was about to dismiss myself but before I could my master said,

"I have a gift for you." I blink and look at him curiously. I watched as he pulled out a little cloth bag and handed it to me. With a sigh he said,

"I hoped I would never have to give this to you." Opening the bag I looked back at him and smiled.

"Thank you master, I will treasure them greatly."

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